The Law Doesn’t Apply to Donald Trump

It’s no secret that Donald Trump believes he, his family, and friends are above the law.  Even when a Judge issues a ruling, it is clear Donald Trump is happy to defy that Court Order if the Court order negatively impacts himself, his family, or his friends.  It was clear that Trump decided that the Federal Court Judge who held his buddy in contempt of Court should remain powerless to enforce his ruling.  Trump pardoned  Sheriff Joe Arapio, allowing him to remain unaccountable  for violating the constitutional rights of citizens of Arizona, and for intentionally violating a Court Order.
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I have previously reported on many examples of Trump’s failure to protect and defend the rights of US citizens as required by the constitution.
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Trump has once again shown that he believes the law does not apply to him. The Freedom of Information Act expressly requires every branch of government to comply with a duty of disclosure, when an appropriate request for information is made.  If a citizen perceives that a governmental agency or employee has failed to comply with the FOIA, a suit in Federal Court is the remedy available to the aggrieved citizen.  The Department of Homeland Security was ordered to make full disclosure of the visitor list at Mar-a-logo since Trump was inaugurated.  Yet in direct contravention of that Court Order, only 22 names were released.  It seems this is that Trump’s standard response to a FOIA request.  Either he ignores it completely or produces a small fraction of responsive documents.
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The particular order regarding production of the Mar-a-lago guest list was to have been produced a week ago.  That order was extended an extra week.  Today, a half an hour after the new deadline, only 22 names were produced.

In a letter, the government said the unreleased records relate to the president’s schedule, and it believes that that “information is not subject” to freedom of information requests.

The 22 names that were released Friday were all from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s trip to the resort in February.  A Democratic super PAC, American Bridge 21st Century, said it knows the identities of more than a thousand visitors to the resort since the inauguration in January.

“When all is said and done the Trump administration will be remembered as the most corrupt and secretive administration in American history,” Shripal Shah, the pac’s vice president, said. “Based on public reports, we’ve collected the names of over 1,100 Mar-a-Lago visitors since Trump took office.”

Donald Trump – Celebrity Style

He has also golfed with undisclosed partners — an activity aides rarely confirm despite requests from White House reporters to know when he golfs and who joins him on the course.


It is clear that Doanld Trump will continue to break the law as long as the American people tolerate it!

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  1. Malia – But, why is the government protecting this man? If the government claims the information is not subject to “freedom of information requests” then alarm bells should be going off all over America. Who the hell has visited Mar-A-Lago and how many times? Mob bosses? Russians? Prostitutes? Has Trump taken Hope Hicks to Mar-A-Lago without Melania? If over a thousand people have visited, and only 22 were named, then one can only assume the other 900+ are connected to Russia or other entities that Trump wants to remain secret or hidden. Very interesting!

    Just read an article today that Trump’s attorney was overheard in a restaurant discussing his strategy on the Trump/Russia investigation. What in the hell is that all about? Are Trump’s attorneys so stupid they would discuss something so sensitive in public? Don’t they realize there is a possibility of not only being overheard but also recorded? I thought I had heard everything, but it’s something new with these people every single day. It is mind-boggling!


  2. These asses are making my job tough but I figured out a way to get them the list of visitors. We are just going to send the the USA no fly list.

    Then we are sending the names of everyone who is is under investigation by the FBI.

    This way we don’t have to figure out who these people are. Most don’t have finger prints. All have some form of facial reconstruction. They also have 10 different names and passports.

    Back to work


    1. freckles,
      Normally I’d say yes but I bet Melania knows too much and has too much dirt on the Donald, that he’ll be afraid to divorce her. Right now they can assert a spousal privilege, but if he divorces her that privilege no longer applies.


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