The Incestuous Relationship Between Mark Burnett, Felix Sater, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Sarah Palin

Felix Sater speaks at the Chabad of Port Washington in 2014.

Felix Henry Sater  is a Russian born American whose given name was Felix Mikhailovich Sheferovsky.  He is an American real estate developer and former managing director of Bayrock Group LLC, a real estate conglomerate based out of New York City, New York. Sater has been an advisor to many corporations, including The Trump Organization.  Sater has a history of violence, including a conviction for lacerating a man’s face with a broken margarita glass in a bar brawl.  However his is better known for his 1998 guilty plea for a $40 million stock fraud scheme orchestrated by the Russian Mafia. In exchange for his guilty plea, he agreed to become an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and federal prosecutors, assisting with organized crime. In July 2017, it was reported that Sater had agreed to cooperate with investigators concerning an international money laundering scheme.  So to call him a “rat” would be appropriate for several reasons.  To call this “rat” Trump’s “kryptonite” may also be appropriate for several reasons.

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When asked if Trump knows Felix Sater,  Trump drew a blank. Despite the fact that Sater worked on and off for a decade with the Trump Organization, and despite his recent headline-making appearance as an exuberant negotiator on behalf of Trump’s hard-nosed attorney, Michael Cohen, in seeking to build a “massive Trump Tower in Moscow” last year, Trump ducked the question.

Of all the characters caught up in Russiagate, none come close to Sater for having a decades-long record as a larger-than-life, outside-the-law, spy agency-linked wheeler-dealer from the pages of a John le Carré novel…. Sater spent nearly a decade working with the Trump Organization in search of deals in Russia and other former Soviet republics. But on August 28, Sater made the front pages of the Timesand The Washington Post, thanks to leaked copies of e-mails that he sent in late 2015 and early 2016 to Cohen, concerning Sater’s efforts to work with a group of Russian investors to set up a flagship Trump property in the Russian capital.”

Donald Trump hired Sater as his Senior Advisor during the decade-long period of time from 1998–2008 which saw him transform from bankrupt developer, to reality TV star with the aid of Producer Mark Burnett, who also did business with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  You remember Mark Burnett.  He’s the producer who made the Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and who confirmed that he contacted Palin about making a film about her, before she resigned as Governor.

The Apprentice producer Mark Burnett is one of the missing links connecting Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Sarah Palin.  If you thought Trump was fond of Palin because of her tableshirts …think again.

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If you wondered why Palin endorsed Trump instead of Ted Cruz, the answer may be the Mark Burnett connection.

A New York Times Magazine report from January 2001 proves decisively that before Burnett  created Trump’s star, he was deep in negotiations with none other than Russian President and strongman Vladimir Putin.

The connection between Putin, Trump, and Palin may be Mark Burnett. 

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Image result for sarahpalin waive putin

Mark Burnett may be the link between Palin, Trump, and Putin.  Burnett has established himself as  the enforcer, allegedly keeping The Apprentice crew from releasing infinitely damaging remarks of Donald Trump saying the n-word on set, a lot, which is still a topic of news coverage today.

Mark Burnett wasn’t just discussing television with Putin either, he actually did sign the deal to rent the station and turn the Russian Mir into a reality TV show in outer space.

NBC News even announced the program!

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Image result for trump mark burnett

Mark Burnett was also the producer of the show featuring Todd Palin, Stars Earn Stripes.

Thus it appears there is an almost incestuous relationship between Trump, Palin, Burnett, and Slater.

The New York Times profiled Felix Sater in-depth 10-years ago solely because of his special relationship to the man who played a real estate developer on reality TV, who now resides in the White House.

massive body of evidence points to a special relationship between Felix Sater, Donald Trump — and the federal government, who could have apparently allowed the pair to use Trump casinos to turn over “bad guys” to law enforcement, and which implies that he had the ability to shelter his associates from criminal charges for criminal acts; specifically for money laundering at the Trump casino empire.

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This mammoth duplicity was encompassed in a lie told by Trump.  On December 2, 2015, during an interview with an Associated Press reporter, Trump was asked about his relationship with a fellow named Felix Sater. Trump, who was then the front-runner in the GOP presidential race, replied, “Felix Sater, boy, I have to even think about it. I’m not that familiar with him.” He referred questions to his Trump Organization. One of his lawyers, Alan Garten, subsequently told the AP that Sater once prospected for real estate deals for the Trump Organization and that the arrangement lasted for six months in 2010.  Trump repeatedly denied any involvement with Russia.

What neither Trump nor Garten said was that—at that very moment—Trump was in the middle of the deal to build a Trump Tower in the Russian capital and that Sater had put together the venture. As he was running for president, Trump was hiding this project from the American public, and he was insisting he barely knew the man at the center of it. This was serious deceit.

“Trump pulled off a con during the presidential campaign. He insisted he cared only about US interests—while he was privately negotiating a deal in Moscow that could only happen with the assent of Putin’s government. In and of itself, this should be a major scandal. Yet Trump got away with it. And to do so, he had to lie about his relationship with Sater. This was not the first instance in which he had misrepresented his connection to Sater. But it was the most important one. “

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the incestuous connection between Mark Burnett, Felix Sater, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Sarah Palin.




12 thoughts on “The Incestuous Relationship Between Mark Burnett, Felix Sater, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Sarah Palin

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  1. Sarah supported Trump for the reasons she said she supported him. Cruz started to get into some shady campaigning. Sarah isn’t calculated. She goes on instinct. Can be good, can be not so good. Everyone has flaws, which she constantly points out in herself. She definitely isn’t a fan of his pottymouth and verbal attacks, and she’s called him out on potential cronyism, but she, like many, despises how the same people who scold him for it are the very ones who verbally abuse her and others. Her grandson calls that German blogger the “meanest person in the world.” I think the video was even posted on a blog. Double standards are things she has tried to rid the world of. Why can the Left do everything the right gets dinged for? Why are the Bush twins, all Wasillan teens called trashy party animals for being normal yet people scream “leave Malia and Sasha alone” when it was revealed they are no different from normal teens, and you, back in the day.

    Answer that question instead of ducking it for the 1000th time and then try to change that sick double standard, which will help clean up the fucked up media.


    1. You attempted to walk the fence – but your comment about the Obama girls and Wasillan teens was a bit much. I can only assume you were trying to compare the Obama’s to the Palins.
      Normal? Perhaps in your world – trashing a home, untold teen pregnancies, disabling school buses, drunken parties, drugs, fights. Normal? I kind of doubt Malia is what you would call not far from normal “back in her day” – nor mine. Strangely – I don’t recall ever doing any of those things when I was a “normal” teen. Malia – how about you?


      1. Pat,
        I was a great kid…the President of the school service organization, straight A student, Honor society member, and made my own clothes. … won a blue ribbon int he Tulsa StaTe Fair for my cherry pie when I was 12 years old. Not that any of that makes me a great person,but it does serve as a contrast to the Palin kids. Put myself through Law School working as a Registered Nurse (because I earned a BS in Nursing) and my third year in Law School I taught Business Law at OU in the Business School to undergraduates. A little different background than the Palins…don’t ya think?


    2. Can’t find any proof of either malia or Sasha starting violent drunken brawls at the white house, or $262500 checks in their names, or reality shows featuring bastard children they don’t have, or either doing the hallowed Wasilla Pregnancy Foreplay of binge drinking to black out followed by shovelling as many dicks as possible into all body orifaces.

      So there’s your proof.

      Maybe your views of the media are that which you have bought into, thereby making yourself that very same media. Read some books you dumb bitch.(sorry, litman, just had to cuss!)


  2. Truly amazing summary – glad you put it all together.
    Trump seems to have a knack for surrounding himself with shady people – and then playing dumb.
    What you have written about in this article would fill a book if someone would ever write it.
    We have been blessed with the most corrupt president in the history of our great nation.
    I don’t even have the right words for Palin – she is such a wretched piece of work.

    For some reason I have been trouble posting comments – I think yesterday I posted the same one twice – when I hit the “post comment” I end up with an error.


  3. Malia, I think yo’ve uncovered the secret in the White House. Burnett is actually producing and directing a reality show using the American political process. Why not take the insanity of The Apprentice to what was formerly the world’s most powerful political office? The whole mess is scripted by Burnett with no concern for destroying America. He wants ratings when the show runs, could care less about the country falling apart and being run by China and Russia.


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