Bannon Dumps on Trump

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Steve Bannon, Trump’s Chief Strategist,   was fired in August.  It didn’t seem to bother Trump that Bannon looked more like a street person than a chief strategist.


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Social psychologists have determined that 30 seconds is how long it takes for someone meeting you for the first time to form a whole laundry list of determinations about your character and abilities.  Impressions are based on a person’s clothes, hairstyle, smile, how you carry yourself, and the rest of your nonverbal communications.

Trump isn’t blind.  He must know that the appearance of Kellyanne Conway and Bannon were horrible, and thus created a horrible impression.

Given Trump’s focus on personal appearance,it seems likely that the appointment of Bannon and Conway, uncharacteristically unattractive people, was not coincidental.

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Now that Bannon is no longer a part of the Trump White House, it seems he feels free to dump on Trump.  He gave an interview to 60 Minutes, Bannon appeared with blood shot eyes in an apparent attempt to defend Trump.  Instead Bannon inadvertently dumped on Trump.

Bannon declared that Trump’s firing of James Comey was the  worst mistake in ‘modern political history’.    For example, Bannon must believe that Trump’s firing of Comey was worse than the Iraq War, the Vietnam War, the Affordable Care Act, Mitt Romney’s “47 percent,” Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables,” Iran-contra, and Richard Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre,” etc.

Bannon also dumped on Trump by saying that “By the Easter break, we’ll do repeal and replace.”  Bannon argued that Ryan promised Trump that Congress would get rid of the Affordable Care Act in the spring, handle tax reform over the summer and do infrastructure in the fall. This was a focus on things Trump promised and then failed to deliver.

Bannon also suggested that the Catholic church opposed immigration reform because “ they need illegal aliens, they need illegal aliens to fill the churches.”
Bannon also predicted that the Republicans would pick up six or seven seats in the Senate, a couple of seats in the House, and that Trump would win    in 2020 by a “huge landslide.”
Bannon on Catholic Church's DACA support: 'They need illegal aliens to fill the churches'

Steve Bannon has the face of a man who looks like he eats cigarettes, or was just arrested for drunk-driving a houseboat. The White House Chief Strategist is not a pleasant sight by all accounts, but why? CNN interviewed Dr Gregory Buford, an expert dermatologist to find out how and why Steve Bannon‘s face went wrong.  The answer was everything.  He might qualify as a “stuck up, half-witted, scruffy looking, nerf herder”.


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  1. Bannon seems like a very dangerous person. It would appear his rabid backing of Trump is because he thinks Trump is his best way to accomplish some of the things he wants.

    I read somewhere today that a group is asking for an investigation into the outlandish funds being spent by the Secret Service to guard the Trump family and multiple properties. Should be interesting to hear about how much is actually being used for this.


  2. I don’t know but it seems more than odd that this fraudulent criminal act could go on this long. I would hope when all is said and done that the USA taxpayers are paid back by seizure of properties owned by this family. This extremely selfish hateful criminal family have outright stolen from the usa taxpayer. It is unbelievable that this mess has carried on this long. Steve Bannon is the face of the republican russian trump blockhead party. Muellers file on Bannon is no doubt the whitehead on this massive zit.


  3. Thank you for the statement in the middle about Trump’s selection of less handsome people. I noticed this from day 1. Any male appointees looks frumpy so as not to challenge him on looks. Same with intelligence. He hires what he perceives as less intelligent people. (Contrast that with Obama who looked for staff members who would challenge him, offer opposite opinions.) He seems to hire women who either look borderline slutty or motherly. Conway and Sanders are the visual models for those roles.

    Bannon seems like an old hippie on a mission. He’s a contradiction in that he is the opposite of the non judgmental, everyone is equal hippie mantra.


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