Hey Donald! Payback’s a Bitch!

In an ironic twist of fate, Melania Trump has made cyber-bullying her signature issue as First Lady.  She wasn’t distraught about something somebody said about her nude photos or Donald’s hair.

She explained that social media has gotten “too mean and too tough” — riddled with insults based on “looks and intelligence.”

When Melania said that she probably didn’t appreciate how foolish she would look when her husband bullied a disabled reporter,

bullied one of the most popular female anchors on any news show,

or bullied the female host of the Morning Joe show,  Mika Brzezinski, suggesting that she was bleeding from a face lift.


Now, Trump is no doubt realizing that bullying does have consequences even if, and especially when, you are the President of the United States.

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It appears that Robert Mueller is going to ask for Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus to testify on the Russian investigation.  I bet Sean Spicer will remember when Trump made Spicer explain:

  1.  The size of the inaugural crowds
  2. How a travel ban wasn’t a travel ban
  3. Explaining that Trump really meant to tweet the word “covfefe”
  4. Explaining that Trump didn’t have a bathrobe, when pictures were on the internet revealing Trump wearing a robe
  5. Trying to explain how the former head of the Trump campaign played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time
  6. Explaining that Trump fired Comey at the suggestion of the Justice Department, only to be contradicted by Trump in a national broadcast


Trump’s bullying of Reince Priebus was even worse.  Trump hired Anthony Scaramucci contrary to the reccomendation of Priebus.  Then after Scaramucci was hired Scaramucci accused Priebus of leaking information and challenging him to prove that he wasn’t. Trump apparently signed off on the appearance, with Scaramucci saying he had just spoken with the president before calling in.  Later Scaramucci called Priebus a “paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac,” and accused him of “cock-blocking” Scaramucci’s hiring. He also acknowledged in the interview that he was going to send a suggestive tweet about Priebus being a leaker to mess with him.

However the most demeaning incident involving Priebus and Trump was the President’s summoning of Priebus for the purpose of killing a pesky fly.  Priebus was apparently the most frequent target of Trump’s habitual bullying. The president “told associates that Priebus would make a good car salesman” and “mocked him for expressing excitement when he spotted his house from Air Force One, flying over Wisconsin,” according to reports from Politico.

Image result for priebus fly swatter

Spicer and Priebus have the ability to assert various privileges when asked to testify, or simply answer the questions asked.  It will be interesting to see just how anxious they are to have their revenge.  Payback is a bitch, especially when you are under investigation by a special prosecutor and facing possible impeachment and/or criminal charges.


6 thoughts on “Hey Donald! Payback’s a Bitch!

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  1. Speaking of paybacks, have you seen Mexico taunting Trump? This is the real former President of Mexico. And it is brilliant! Warning: NSFW F bombs.


  2. Those are very old statements of hers, too, Malia! What exactly is her “carefully laid out agenda?” I have yet to see it and consider her much of a lay about enjoying the perks. Not on twitter, but have seen tweets where she attempts to say something and gets her @ss handed back to her! Am I wrong to gloat? Asking for a friend……


  3. Malia – Good one! Doubtful if either Priebus or Spicer will throw Trump under the bus. But, then again, they both may have axes to grind and want revenge! What will be interesting is when the biggest ass kisser of them all – Hope Hicks – is interrogated! Can hardly wait to see how she handles being questioned about the Russian investigation. All the people who work for Trump in the WH should be questioned, especially Omarosa Manigault! She’s gotta know something!


  4. Haha!!
    Melania puts on “money clothes” and labels, looks awkward in them, tries too hard, and looks like there’s a formulaic “American fashion equation” for dressing well, the only prerequisite being money (the trump way!).
    Melania, dressing means none of that. You look like an arrogant CLUELESS “grasping at grade-school ideas of fashion” label whore, who can’t wear enough sunglasses to cover the hollowness and sadness.

    Fashion unfolds outward from the beauty and comfort of self within. That takes honesty, and self acceptance. And humility. Not contrived in dishonesty as if a woman’s greatest joy is to be clothed and glossed like she is “his” interchangeable object to posess. That would be called Prostitution, as evidenced by your photo above.

    In fact, the only thing about you, Mrs. Trump, which is fashionably tailored is the way you have postured your life which led to being Mrs. Donald Trump, because you wanted something out of the game – as if the joy of being oneself, for the sake of joy itself, were not enough.

    Your best fashion-outfit you have created for yourself, “Melania”, is the betrayal against yourself you feel inside in your waking hours, and likely the relentless nightmares too. Your part in your violation of self, “Melania from Slovenia”, is that you allowed it to happen all by yourself.


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