Sarah Palin Is Still An Idiot!

For years we’ve know Sarah was clueless.  As she ages it seems her intellectual challenges have gotten worse.  She’s not even smart enough to hide what she doesn’t know or understand.

Most people would realize that anything Stephen Colbert or Bernie Sanders might have to say about Donald Trump would be derogatory.   Sarah Palin is so clueless that she not only didn’t get it, but actually was so stupid that she posted a link on her facebook page to the video segment of Colbert interviewing Sanders making fun of Trump.  Three possibilities seem inescapable: (1) either Sarah didn’t listen to the video posted on her own facebook page, (2) Sarah watched the clip but didn’t understand it, or (3) she thought Steven Colbert was being serious when he complimented Donald Trump for still having all his teeth.  Here’s the clip:

Here are Palin’s remarks from facebook:

Stephen Colbert asked Bernie Sanders on Thursday night whether there was something nice he could say about President Trump.

Turns out, he had more than a few nice things to say.”

Stephen Colbert complimented Trump on having all his teeth.  If the comment itself wasn’t obviously a slam, Sarah should have clued into the laughter that followed.

Image result for false teeth funny

When Bernie Sanders was asked, his long delay in answering should have been another obvious red flag to Palin that he was not complimentary in the least of Trump.  However when Sanders identified two things about Trump that were positive, Sanders was careful to reference campaign promises that Trump has not yet fulfilled.  Thus Sanders failed to identify even one thing Trump has done as  President of which he was complimentary.

Image result for bernie sanders laughing trump

Maybe Sarah thought Stephen Colbert was complimenting her on her equestrian skills when he aired this segment on Comedy Central.



7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Is Still An Idiot!

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  1. A few years ago at this very time, the multiple large open wounds on Bristol’s knees were just starting to scab over and leak puss, as a souvenir from a family drunken brawl she wasn’t invited to, yet started. Shortly thereafter, after she was questionably sober enough to make sure she had collected her known children, including one that was playing alone in the dark on an active runway for airplanes without the aid of any air traffic controller, she found herself having more unprotected unchristian premarital sex with yet another guy she just met, which soon produced more godless unmarried accidental unwanted regrettable fatherless bastard kids made entirely in sin, as evidenced by online pictures of the sperm donor holding both loaded guns and his newborn error.

    Sarah can’t keep track of her own known alleged children, so of course she can’t keep track of her own online postings.


  2. Stephen Colbert is one of the funniest in memory of that which was, nd still is, the one and only $arah Palin. You’d think she’d get this and disappear but, OH no, not Baby In The Corner worldwide eyeball rolls or not!

    We’re the same age, Malia, Happy 60th to you, whether it has passed or to come. Remember the Underdog cartoon closing where he’d bite down on the gold coin to make sure that it was real? Well…….


  3. It’s hard to imagine having all your teeth. Sarah still has little white things is her mouth but they turn into flies after a few days.

    Meth mouth is not pretty. Her new king tut diet is worse. Her skin is like leather and her eyes are sunk in. Where does it say don’t pass out under a sun lamp for three days?

    Sarah is also working on the disabilities act with Todd. It makes a lot of cents. Act a certain way or you will be disabled or get water in your gas tank.

    Why even have a disabilities act? It sounds mean when you put it in an act. It seems logical when you stiff pimp Todd on his hoe tax.

    Trump is pissed. All these soldiers are fleecing the system. Half don’t have arms or legs. How are these guys going to deport people and raid countries for cash.

    These evil disabled people need to get thier act together. That’s why trump is tying kites on them and sending them to Miami.

    Trump is working on the punch your mother in the mouth act. It seems mean so he is working marketing to make it seem nice.


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