Fox News Reports the Majority of Americans Think Trump “Unstable”

7 thoughts on “Fox News Reports the Majority of Americans Think Trump “Unstable”

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  1. In general, Republicans and Conservatives are terrified of Creation, of Freedom, of Choice. They systemically insist their force is a sign of power. It is, however, nothing but fear.

    >>>>>This is due to their IGNORANCE that they somehow are entitled and better than others AND EXCEPTIONAL on the planet.<<<<<<

    By destroying Choice and Creation, they are destroying the very creations and choice that they are, of how they came to exist as human beings – they are literally self-destructing. They operate in fear, which is so ingrained that they literally do not feel afraid – it is their normalized mode of operation. No wonder the Adrenalin rushes need to be continually amped up with even more fear; the very cells that they are comprised of are individually addicted to even bigger rushes of Adrenalin.

    The WHOLE WORLD is looking at Trump and his base, baffled by their COMPLETE IGNORANCE..

    (for example, see Mike Huckabee and Sarah Huckabee-Sanders on follow-up interviews after their appearance on The View yesterday. SUCH IGNORANCE, SUCH UNNECESSARY SELF)



    Betsy Devos again shows how much she hates black people. Like Trump, she just wants to remove all proof that we had a black president. She also is telling the world that females are for getting pregnant, rather than getting educated.

    Pack lightly, Betsy, you’re going straight to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I’m guessing that poll ended up in Trump’s positive news folder as 40% of Fox viewers admire your stability in guiding the country


  4. I find it interesting that sarah has remain so quiet and in the background in the trump scam. They told her to stay away or she is managing some crimes behind the scenes, Like the hacking and monitoring of blogs, she has experience. And the Russian girl with Bristol in RV a few yrs ago? trigg? and many more questions. Wonder if Mueller will be talking to sarah and todd. Of course he must have that old file put together on sarah and todd in the shailey tripp gig. Prostitution, human trafficking, russian ADOPTIONs, oil, military, sex, lies, drugs, all the makings of a djt scam election.,


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