Copy This Letter to Your Congressional Representatives

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Given the anticipated announcement tomorrow by Trump of his decision to dissolve DACA, it is imperative that all Americans let your Congressional representatives know that we demand that they enact legislation immediately to embrace and support Dreamers.  The following is a letter to copy and paste to send to your Senators and Representatives today.  Don’t wait.  Don’t delay.  Young people who have fought their entire lives are counting on your help! I’ve already sent mine, please join me!


Dear Senator/Representative ___________:

It  is my understanding that President Trump is in the process of announcing his decision to rescind DACA.  800,000 Dreamers who have spent their lives working for the American dream are about to have their dream turned into a nightmare.  These are young people who are educated, hard working, and some have defended America with their lives.  America is a country of immigrants.  We are stronger because of them.  From both an economic perspective and a moral  one we must ensure that these young people have the chance to make their dreams become a reality.  Please enact legislation today to make DACA the law in America.





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