Donald Trump is the Originator of Fake News!

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump is the Originator of Fake News!

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  1. The Wasilla High School recorded general voicemail mostly talks about a parent/teacher conference in February.
    Being September, we don’t know which February. Is this the quality of education in wasilla, where they either forgot from 2017 or forgot all important dates between now and February 2018? In both cases this shows crappy leadership and crappy administration. This is the type of education that gets you mysteriously pregnant two weeks before (not) giving birth, and/or Alaska airlines multicity itineraries after one’s water imaginarily broke. Nothing – nothing – in wasilla works right.


  2. A lifetime bully for usa president, bought by Robert mercer, controlled by daughter rebekah and crazy alt bannon, kellyanne conjob and extorted by Russia and n korea. Gee what could go wrong with this delusional crime fest and con job on America?


  3. Thank you! Trump started it, then amplified the art of lying by hiring a press team of professional liars. Trump too this to a new level by creating alternate reality, lies that defied science. He and his team make statements that are contrary to video, audio, and printed legal documentation. They contradict themselves within single sentences. They have taken the performance art of double talk and moved it to business and government.

    Wait, that last statement is misleading. We are stuck with the reality of the lies and double talk. However, the rest of the world is being entertained by the comedy team running our country. You have to admire the world leaders who developed Trump Bingo. They saw his 3rd grade speaking level and minimal vocabulary. They turned it into a diversion, a game to play, whenever Trump was speaking.

    Warning: DO NOT play the Trump Drinking Game! You could die of acute alcoholism.


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