Houston Needs Construction Workers and Federal Money to Rebuild; Trump Promised to Eliminate Both

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  At least 47 people lost their lives in Hurricane Harvey.  The hurricane dumped 27 trillion gallons of rain over Texas and Louisiana over six days. That’s enough to fill the Houston Astrodome 85,000 times or San Francisco Bay 10.6 times at high tide.  Harvey is the ” biggest rainstorm in the recorded history of the continental United States.”  A shelter to protect victims of flooding, flooded.  The president is expected to return to Texas on Saturday, where residents are still reeling in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, following criticism of his earlier visit to the flood-ravaged region. Trump tweeted after Tuesday’s trip that he had seen storm damage “first hand,” but reporters who had been traveling with him begged to differ.  The reality is that he and Melania never got their shoes wet or dirty.  Instead they positioned themselves for photo-ops instead of witnessing the real devastation that was all around.Image result for trump hurricane visit

Image result for trump hurricane visit

Trump grabbed a microphone to address hundreds of supporters who had gathered outside a firehouse near Corpus Christi and were chanting: “USA! USA! USA!” as if he was at a campaign rally instead of inspiring confidence after the worst storm to hit Houston in recorded history.  Instead of remarking on the American spirit that was evidenced by the many volunteers who stepped up to lend a hand, Trump remarked on the crowd size for the turnout of his appearance.

Pence attempted to divert attention by pledging unwavering federal government support.  Yet he stood by the president’s threat of forcing a government shutdown later this month if Congress does not approve funding for a new border wall.

“If we have to close down our government, we’re building that wall,” Trump said during a campaign rally last week in Arizona. “We’re going to have our wall. The American people voted for immigration control. We’re going to get that wall.

Trump is so clueless that he is talking about immigration control at a time when we need immigrant workers more than EVER!  As early as February of this year it was reported that in Texas an estimated 400,000 construction workers reside illegally. If they were forced to leave the country, contractors say, state construction companies would face a difficult fallout, including higher labor costs, construction delays, and some projects canceled altogether.  As the waters rose so did fear of deportation of undocumented workers.  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) had to assure undocumented immigrants that they should seek shelter, and authorities would not use this as an opportunity to deport them. In a joint statement, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection agencies said they would not target undocumented immigrants at evacuation sites, shelters or food banks, and would prioritize “lifesaving and life-sustaining activities” during the storm and its aftermath.

But many undocumented workers were afraid to seek help from shelters and were bunking with neighbors instead. Others are worried about losing their houses or everything they own to floods.

The reality is that we couldn’t afford to build a wall before the hurricane.  Now, more than ever federal funds need to be directed at rebuilding Houston instead of a wall to keep out construction workers that we need now more than ever.  The U.S. economy has created jobs for a record 82 months.  There are 146.6 million people with payroll jobs. The unemployment rate is 4.3 percent. At the end of June, the Labor Department reports, there were a record 6.16 million jobs open in the U.S. (That compares with about 4 million in August 2005, when Katrina hit.) Put another way, it’s harder to find labor in the U.S. right now than at any point in recent history.

Worse yet, is the shortage in the type of jobs that are critical to disaster recovery. Many construction workers come (legally and illegally) from Mexico and Central America. And in recent years, the flow of new potential workers has slowed down significantly. The result: As the U.S. housing and construction recovery has chugged on, it has become more difficult to hire construction workers. In June, there were some 225,000 open construction jobs in the U.S., up 31 percent from June 2016. Now with the rebuilding after Harvey, construction jobs are in greater demand than ever.

Trump’s pledge to start mass deportations and build a wall along the Mexican border appear to have resulted in an increase of immigrants staying close to home, according to the White House. There has also been a 40 percent uptick in ICE enforcement actions, the agency reported.

Trump has received enough criticism about his trip to Texas that he has announced a return on Friday. Yet his Tweets this morning demonstrate his lack of concern with the Texas who lost their lives and their homes, and his focus on all-things Trump.  In Twitter tirade this morning Trump found time to rail against former FBI Director James Comey and 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

At a time that Houston needs federal money to rebuild, and construction workers to do the dirty work of rebuilding, Trump seems committed to eliminating both.

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9 thoughts on “Houston Needs Construction Workers and Federal Money to Rebuild; Trump Promised to Eliminate Both

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  1. The clean up is going well. Trump bought the houston water department for almost nothing. He is having us go around and give water bills to every homeowner. with 27 trillion gallons trump will clean up. This will really be one of his bigliest clean ups.

    He is also rounding up a few plane loads of illegals and shipping them to mar lago. to help the kitchen staff and landscapers. They will not be deported as long as they are enslaved. They really are dreamers.

    Melania had a tragic accident. She was jumping over a drowning grandma and almost took almost half a heel off one of her shoes. The national guard stepped in and we think the shoe will be ok. I will report back if anything changes.

    Gotta go trump is going into the bathroom with the nuke codes again. We tell him hillery might have won the election blah blah. He will usually spend time tweeting and not nuking countries. That is a good thing at least until he can get trump tower north korea designed. He has a great location he just has to get the people and buildings removed.

    Ambassador Dennis Rodman is giving a speech so I gotta go. He is working with trump to get all the Nba teams to korea except 1. Think of the value of that one team if all the others get nuked. When trump diverts the houston clean up money into his pocket he will be able to buy any team.

    MAGA make america graft again.


    1. painchipeater,
      Trump is returning to Texas today. Most people think he is trying to create the impression he cares about people affected by the hurricane. I think the real reason for his return is Melania heard they were having some amazing sales on shoes that weren’t damaged by the floods, but the shoe boxes got wet. She is not one to worry about something so trivial as the shoe boxes!


      1. trump realy looked grate. We took the stash of old trump water he could not sell in his failed bottled water venture, and all the rotten Billy beer that jimmy carter stashed in the basement.

        He sold the shit out of it. He signed the declaration of price gouging minutes before. If you are dying of thirst who needs the title to your home or car?

        Melania handed out ivanka dresses and jewelry to anyone who had thier hair and makeup out of place. Trump really used that 5 billion in aide well and Ivanka dumped her out of style chineese garbage.

        This is an american family of old. It reminds me of the corleones and Gottis. Well I am going fishing with a russian goon. Fredo could not make it so I should be fine if I say a hail mary.


  2. America is with Houston, Lots of prayers and help coming from around the world. This hurricane season started off with a record breaking natural disaster. I fear more to come. Stay safe everyone and keep the faith and hope strong.


  3. Trump is the definition of evil + incompetence . Hopefully Mueller will take him down before he completely destroys the country.

    BTW, where is that $1million to the relief effort they promised form his PERSONAL funds? Yeah, thought not…


  4. We need walls to hold water, not Mexicans and people from Central and South America. The idiot in chief has no clue, but will, when Mother Nature fills Mar a Lago with water. Irma with her 50 foot waves could be the lady who gabs Trump by the crotch. Seawalls, water pipes for supply and draining, and bridges all need repair or replacement. These idiot Republicans are worried about Mexicans.
    I don’t wish harm on them. But what does it take for them to understand what is really needed? Ted Cruz is neck deep in flood water. Up here in Ohio, does Rob Portman need a piece of concrete through his sun roof from one of our rotting bridges? He seems oblivious to our weekly water line explosions and roads that become sink holes.


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