Trevor Noah’s Arpaio Pardon Edition

3 thoughts on “Trevor Noah’s Arpaio Pardon Edition

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  1. I find joe and his company a bit disturbing. He is oddly corrupt, And friends with and loyal to trump? very odd. And his lastest attorney? Whoa not sure where he came from. But again odd. Trump really does expose the swamp creatures of corruption and lies. flies on cheet !!


  2. Why is everyone so down on Sheriff Joe? He’s been treated unbelievably unfairly. He was convicted for just doing his job: he wouldn’t have locked up those brown people in his concentration camp unless they deserved it. He’s a veteran, a patriot, and a very fine human being. A very, very fine human being. OK?

    Sheriff Joe’s pardon was the long-awaited turning point where America finally became great again. It’s time to recycle the MAGA caps and move on. No need for any more rallies, even if the turnout would be bigly. By pardoning Sheriff Joe, Trump became incredibly presidential. Fantastically presidential. He became a great unificator. He single-(tiny) handedly unificated the KKK, Nazis, skinheads, white supremacists, white nationalists, tribalists, dominionists, and all other racists from all sides.

    Trump in 2020! And 2024! And 2028! If Sheriff Joe is 85, then The Donald must be good for at least three more terms. Ivanka in 2032!


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