Ivanka and Her Scuzzy Business Partner

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Her name is “Ivanka” and the President said he’d probably be dating her if she weren’t his daughter.

She is also the daughter Trump described on national radio as “voluptuous.”

Now, Ivanka Trump is an “adviser” to the President.  As such she is legally bound by the ethics rules.
An unsigned statement from the White House said: “We are pleased that Ivanka Trump has chosen to take this step in her unprecedented role as first daughter and in support of the President.”
Given her role as an “adviser” to the President, it is important to consider Ivanka’s ethics.  Perhaps the best evidence of her ethics is the ethics of her business partner, Moshe Lax.

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Mr. Lax is the subject of several lawsuits, a multi-million-dollar IRS judgment, and possible eviction proceedings from his Manhattan real estate space.

Lax and his company, Madison Avenue Diamonds, have been sued several times over numerous multi-million-dollar business deals gone bad, as well as by lawyers who alleged that they never received payments they were owed for defending him. (One of the lawsuits is over allegedly evicting a cousin from a Brooklyn condo).

Lax’s father’s estate, of which he is co-executor, also owes $27 million to the IRS.

Politico also reported that Lax’s wife Shaindy’s stake in Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry may be turned over to the city before possible auction proceedings. Lax also allegedly signed a five-figure check using a checkbook with the name of Chana Weisz, an apparent alias of Shaindy Lax.

And according to the New York Post, things may be getting worse for Lax: He is reportedly behind rent for his retail space on Manhattan’s glitzy Fifth Avenue, and may be evicted by his landlord — former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

Lax is described as a “career grifter” with a history of lawsuits, unpaid bills and lawyers who want nothing to do with him.  Moshe Lax, who is described as a “43-year-old New York diamond heir and entrepreneur,” was Trump’s first business partner when she started up Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry.

Lax reportedly began his partnership with Trump over 10 years ago when he approached Trump over a land deal in Fort Myers, Florida. From there they embarked on a business partnership in the jewelry business, turning Lax’s retail location on Madison Avenue into their joint venture.

According to Trump in her 2010 memoir, “The Trump Card,” Lax “was looking to take his business to a whole new level.”

“In that way, I suppose, we were a lot alike, trying to make our own way along a path set out for us by our fathers and trying to extend that path in exciting new directions, which I guess explains why we hit it off,” she wrote.

Despite having a business falling out with Lax, “Trump renewed her licensing agreement with Lax in 2011, allowing him to continue using her name even after his company defaulted on payments and he violated numerous terms of their agreement.”

Lax’s sketchy business practices soon became an issue.   Politico reports:

“In June 2011, Trump and Lax entered into a new licensing agreement. This agreement, which has since surfaced in litigation, states that Lax’s company defaulted on licensing payments to Trump and that Lax or his company committed numerous violations of the original deal, including entering into unauthorized sublicensing agreements and failing to keep accurate records. The agreement charges Lax’s company $300,000 per year and 36 percent of net proceeds for the right to use Trump’s name.”

In 2012, Lax was sued after taking delivery of millions of dollars in diamonds and then refusing to pay for them, claiming that the vendor, KGK, had broken their deal by delivering some computer files related to the diamonds late.

According to KGK’s Mahipal Singhvi, who was recently awarded a multimillion-dollar judgment against Lax, “He cheated not just us, he also cheated Ivanka.”

Since that time, Lax has been sued over other business deals, including property sales, and has been abandoned by his lawyers who claimed he stiffed them for over $85,000 worth of legal fees.

Despite all of his legal issues, Trump has maintained her friendship with Lax, serving as a character witness in his legal battles, even though her business has been financially impacted because of his shady business practices.

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The image of this grifter fits nicely with the Trump administration, and the celebrity known as the man who often said “You’re Fired.”

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  1. I think every single person in this family is corrupt. Sorry – yes even the entitled daughter of Maples. Why the heck should we be paying for SS agents so she can,take elaborate vacations? They are all so disconnected from the real world.
    But – to your article – this family has had and still do have some really shady connections with questionable people. It will eventually bring down Trump and tarnish him forever.


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