Newsweek Predicts Impeachment “Inevitable” If Trump Continues to Alienate Republicans

Since before the inauguration, we have predicted the impeachment/resignation of Donald Trump.  However even Newsweek features an article explaining that as Trump alienates more and more Republicans,the likelihood of impeachment seems more probable. Of course the Democratic Party would be thrilled to see him impeached.  However it is the growing number of Republicans that are fed-up with Trump that may be the most critical factor in an impeachment proceeding.

Ohio governor John Kasich, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse,  Marco Rubio of Florida, Sen. Orrin Hatch,  and Cory Gardner all Republicans have been critical of Trump.  As Republicans become  more disillusioned , impeachment seems more likely.

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9 thoughts on “Newsweek Predicts Impeachment “Inevitable” If Trump Continues to Alienate Republicans

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  1. Arpaio was just a warmup for this monstrous person. I don’t think it will work but I tend to be an optimist despite my cynicism (and as you know Malia, I am a cynic, sometime too much so, which I can regret). He is creating enemies of almost everyone. (doesn’t play well with others … check). Impeachment is my wish. If it is accompanied by one of those orange jump suits, so much the better. Stripes also work. Arpaio likes pink, perhaps pink should be his special color. I know I am getting ahead of myself. This is going to be a long difficult slough. Please forgive my venting.


  2. Trump is planning the impeachment party on the mall. We were kidding around with him again. We made up an article that said getting impeached was like getting a congressional medal of honor. We should not have said that because he stole all the medals and gave them to his kids. He melted the rest of them and stole the gold.

    So he booked kid rock and the Russian tabernacal choir to open up for the impeachment. He also trademarked “impeach Trump” and is selling t shirts for 100 dollars. He is having russian mobsters with guns selling them to everyone.

    Now we are telling him he is going to the “big House” and he is so excited. This guy is a laugh a minute. I am still working on him likeing the idea of being a prison bitch. I can just see him dressed in a white tolit paper gown getting married to his black room mate. Melania is so excited. I am really starting to like this place.


    1. painchipeater,
      Do you think he’ll tweet more or less from Prison? Do you think they have miniature golf in prison? Do you think they’ll let him cover his bars with gold to make him feel at home?


  3. You probably read about the comment Roger Stone made concerning this a couple of days ago – there would be a “civil war” if this happened.
    Well…considering the mess we are in right now it could happen. I think many people are afraid of that. But – the intimidation Trumps hits people with as well as his cronies – it is like we are being held prisoners at this point. And – he keeps getting crazier each and every single day.


      1. At some point mr trump should not be allowed to resign, Sitting in court for months and years in televised impeachment hearings under the microscope would prolong suffering for the trump foundation and republicans.. The scrambling sale of assets is sign the counterpunch is working. The paranoia and words of many is telling..


  4. OT.

    This is an evil C*NT of a woman. People dying in Houston and she says this?

    Hate is easy and lazy. It takes no effort to hate.

    reincarnation is the “Lost Chord” of Christianity, for in it and it twin doctrine Karma is the answer to all the problems of life. in these two essential teachings lies the force that will make men pursue in fact the ethics they have in theory. The impulse to right conduct must be based not upon mere sentiment or faith but upon laws that are universally operative and cannot be evaded. Karma and reincarnation point conclusively to man’s responsibility for the conditions in which he finds himself. this is in direct opposition to the irresponsibility inculated by Christian theologians. they teach that we are inherently weak and sinful and can do nothing of ourselves, but if we believe that Christ died for us, our sins will be forgiven. such a procedure, were it actually in operation, would be subversive of Justice. the fact that we are now trying to dodge the effects of our past actions is largely due to the acceptance of certain Christian doctrines which are misinterpretations of the teachings of Jesus.


  5. I hope for full prosecution of those involved. Witnessing this deplorable gang of bullies attempting to scrap our constitution, challenge our rule of law and order and directly harm millions of Americans for 2yrs has been torture. Never have we witnessed an American so corrupt in office by lie and fraud, so hateful and disconnected. This is outrageous. Legal Scholars are working overtime sorting out the charges and legal outcome of this massive crime. Those involved at state and local level is very disturbing. Those that defend such crime are forever labeled. Malia you have helped make an impact by providing a place for discussion and information, Thank you. For almost 10yrs you have helped expose the corruption. Beginning with john McCain and sara and seeing Russia from porch. Yep Russia was playing politics by forcing sara on the ballot then, and it failed as well as today.


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