Even Trump’s Fantasies are Racist

Image result for trump obama eclipse
Donald Trump lives in a world of fantasy.  Part of his fantastical thinking included this image on Twitter suggesting that he “eclipsed” Obama.
Here is the real eclipse:
 As seen, in the real eclipse, the moon (black circle) passes in front of the sun (white circle).  Thus Trump showed his ignorance of science by posting the picture he did.

3 thoughts on “Even Trump’s Fantasies are Racist

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  1. Obama’s light years ahead of Drumpf every step of the way. You notice Obama is not about to look at Drumpf’s skanky ass. BHO-all class all the way. Drumpf- not so much.


  2. The original meme was posted on Monday, Eclipse Day, showing President Obama passing in front of him! Of course, the petulant child isn’t going to let it go. No matter what he does, he will never outclass nor outdo President Obama, and he knows it. LORD, how I despise him!


  3. Looks like a fat kid moving in front of a physically fit kid.

    Guess what!? You can’t block out a person’s accomplishments and intrinsic qualities by standing in front of them.


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