Trump Signals Racial Profilers, Like the Sheriff of Palin’s County in Arizona, Will Be “Just Fine”

Between his ban of Muslims and his support for White Supremacists nobody could be surprised to learn that Donald Trump has a soft spot for older white men who racially profile people.  That means Trump thinks it is acceptable to treat people differently simply because of their race.  For example, he implied that Mexicans are rapists.

Trump lumps all people of Mexican heritage together.  Remember when he  attacked a federal judge assigned a case involving the defunct Trump University, accusing him of being biased simply because of his Mexican heritage. Even the constant reference to “building a wall” is suggestive of Trump’s ongoing commitment to racial profiling.

Now Trump has “signaled” that Judge Arapio is going to be “just fine.”  The suggestion is that Trump is planning to pardon the criminal.  Given the anticipated pardon, it is important to realize just who Trump aligns himself with, and who he feels is worthy of a pardon.

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The contempt charge that lead to a criminal conviction of Sheriff Arpaio grew out of the Shefiff’s defiance of an order of a Federal Judge.  A suit filed 10 years ago charged that the sheriff’s office regularly violated the rights of Latinos, stopping people based on racial profiling, detaining them based solely on the suspicion that they were in the country illegally, and turning them over to the immigration authorities.

In 2011 Federal District Judge  G. Murray Snow, ordered the sheriff in 2011 to stop detention based solely on suspicion of a person’s immigration status, when there was no evidence that a state law had been broken. An appeals court upheld that ruling, and Judge Snow later reinforced it with other orders.

But Mr. Arpaio defied the Court’s orders.  He boldly declared  publicly and repeatedly, that his office’s practices were legal and would not change.  Thus Sheriff Arpaio is a perfect example of a law enforcement authority who violated the Constitutional rights of citizens, violated multiple Court Orders requiring him to stop, and who announced to the world and to his subordinates that he was going to continue business as usual no matter who said otherwise.”

It was May of 2013, that Judge Snow ruled that Arpaio’s office had engaged in racial profiling.  That decision was appealed to the Federal Court of Appeals and they affirmed the trial Judge.

However the outrageous behavior of Arpaio didn’t stop at violation of the Constitutional rights of citizens, or outright defiance of the Federal Court’s order.   Arpaio admitted that his lawyers had hired a private detective to investigate the wife of Judge Snow, the Judge who convicted him.

The legal problems created by Sheriff Arpaio have cost county tax payers (Maricopa County) close to $50 million and the price tag could climb to more than $70 million.”

Trump addressed people in Arpaio’s county asking the  crowd  “Do the people in this room like Sheriff Joe?” His question was followed by cheers and chants of “Pardon Joe!”

He added: “Was Sheriff Joe convicted for doing his job? He should have had a jury. I’ll make a prediction. I think he’s going to be just fine.

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The President’s promotion of violation of both the US Constitution and Federal Court Orders is outrageous.  Instead of promoting the rule of law Trump promotes those who defy it.  Instead of demanding compliance with Constitutional rights and supporting Federal Judges who enforce the laws, Trump encourages those who publicly announce that they are above the law.

It is a dangerous country we live in when there is no indication that the Constitution, or the Judges charged with supporting it, are insignificant and will not govern the behavior of law enforcement officials.  The message from our President is that if you are a bigot, if you racially profile, if you mistreat people based on their heritage, if you ignore Court Orders you don’t like, you can count on the President to support and defend you.  As long as we allow our President to ignore the rule of law, we are a society void of laws.  Chaos is the predictable result when a society lacks any rules or the enforcement of them.

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Of course Joe was a supporter of Trump.

Of course Joe was the Sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona where Sarah’s house was located.  Sarah and Joe were buddies.

Bristol’s house was also in Maricopa county.

Image result for bristol palin house maricopa

 Of all the places in the country to re-locate it was no accident that both Sarah and Bristol chose to leave Alaska to move to a

place where they felt comfortable.  Sheriff Joe was making sure that people who were not white were not welcome in Maricopa.  Today Donald Trump signals he is not only a friend to Sheriff Joe, but that he will reward him for violating the constitution and Court Orders with a pardon.



5 thoughts on “Trump Signals Racial Profilers, Like the Sheriff of Palin’s County in Arizona, Will Be “Just Fine”

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  1. Wasn’t the lovely, educated Bristol going to enroll at ASU? Then she was going to co-host a radio talk show. Pardon my giggles, Malia, all such bullshit! Just biding my time for the REAL reason that the next “political super couple” (eye roll) is now in your state. My utmost sympathies.


    1. CIP
      I fully expect Dakota to announce he is running for something! I wonder if he’ll go for TEd Cruz’s Senate seat. That would be an improvement…and that’s a sad commentary on politics in Texas.


  2. OK, we need to remember that Trump is a chameleon when he gets up to his campaign type word salad bar. He knows his audience and just starts throwing out the sliced cubes, tossed salad, Russian dressing, bacon bits, etc.. He may be starting to realize that being specific is causing problems. Now he’s using non verbal communication that lets his intended audience think it is specific.
    Based on Trump’s unkept promises, Sheriff Joe is toast. Probably one of the few lawmakers most Americans look forward to seeing in a cell block full of minorities.


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