Trump Considering Sarah Palin for Secretary of Resignations

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Jimmy Kimmel featured a book that nobody can forget.   Winners aren’t Losers is actually available for sale.

AS the Trump Presidency implodes, Donald Trump may be unable or unwilling to face the reality that he is a total failure.  His failure to repeal and replace Obamacare is probably the single biggest failure of his Presidency thus far.  The number of firings and resignations are enough to fill an entire web site.  The list includes 

Sean Spicer 

Reince Priebus,

Anthony Scaramucci 

Sally Yates

Michael Flynn

46 U.S. attorneys

Preet Bharara

Katie Walsh

James Comey

Mike Dubke

Walter Shaub

Mark Corallo

Marc Kasowitz

Michael Short

Steve Bannon

Now it appears Trump may be planning to add his name to the List.  Tony Schwartz, the man who co-authored the 1987 book that helped define the real estate magnate’s public image, said he thought the walls were closing in on Trump and he would soon leave office in an attempt to save face. 

After Trump’s despicable comments on the Charlottesville, his approval ratings have dropped to a new low!  60% of Americans disapprove of President Trump.    It seems that Donald Trump, unable to take the heat may simply resign.  Speculation is mounting if he will appoint Sarah Palin as his Secretary of Resignation.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Considering Sarah Palin for Secretary of Resignations

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  1. Hi Malia –

    Just checking in to say “hi” and thanks for your constant good work. Busy week. Hope all is well with you and yours.


  2. She probably would do it if she thought she could leverage it into greater exposure and money. Otherwise the tiny amoral grifter will continue to ‘represent’ herself with ghost written RW dog whistles she thinks will draw attention and opportunity. Her allegiance is, after all, only to Sarah Palin. All else serves that allegiance. She is nothing more than a demagogic childish fraud. She quits and hides because she is an incompetent dummy. Imagine a legacy as the world’s most prominent, morally bereft stupid person. It would faze most of use. With her, it isn’t even a consideration.


  3. Last summer, here in Cleveland, the GOP stepped in dog crap, but didn’t notice until they walked on the white carpet they just won, the White House. Now they have a stinking mess. It looks like Pence and Rubio get to spend the next 3 1/2 years cleaning up the mess and trying to keep Nazis from burning down the country. .


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