Donald Trump Admits He Was Wrong on Afghanistan

As Donald Trump’s popularity plummets he struggles to change the conversation.  He is desperately trying to divert the public’s focus on Charlottesville and the Russian investigation.  In an attempt to change the conversation, Trump announces his decision to send MORE troops to Afghanistan.


The amazing thing is that this is exactly what Trump promised NOT to do if elected.  His entire campaign and inauguration speech were devoted to his position the he’d always put Ammerica First, and stop using American lives to resolve foreign Conflicts.  Trump started calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan as early as 2011 and continued that push as a candidate. In at least a dozen tweets, Trump criticized the war, sometimes urging Obama to pull out American troops. In other instances, he called the effort a waste of money or of American lives.

Now President Trump, no longer trying to win votes,  has admitted that his campaign to end the war, has morphed into a President that will be sending MORE soldiers to fight a war in Afganistran.

Without commenting on whether the decision is wise or not, the amazing thing is that this is EXACTLY WHAT TRUMP PROMISED NOT TO DO!


Steve Bannon was quick to show his disgust for the President doing a 180, and completely reversing his promise.

Steve Bell 23.8.17

Remember when Trump said:



2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Admits He Was Wrong on Afghanistan

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  1. He said he would detail the plan and what the goals were, and then failed to do so. And yes, cue the “Jaws” music. They are all around Trump, his family and his campaign staff.
    What an idiot Narcissist…..or maybe his memory is shot. He has no clue how politics sends people into your past digging up skeletons. Just waiting for Mueller to subpoena Sammy “the bull” Gravano to put the final nail in Trump’s coffin.


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