Sarah Palin’s “New Report” on the Failure of the Commander-in-Chief

“New report” is the complete remark of Sarah Palin on her twitter account, linking a story about damage done to a US ship in the South China Sea.  The ship was a guided-missile destroyer, which is particularly important due to the recent threats made by Kim Jong Un.  Because it was in the South China Sea when a collision with a merchant ship occurred, it is even more troublesome.  The proximity to North Korea makes this missile destroyer even more critical to the defense of the United States and its allies.  Sarah Palin simply reported the story with comment “new report”, as if the “new report” could refer to something as trivial as a “new report” on another pregnancy of Bristol, another Palin family brawl, a new tableshirt Sarah bought, or a new report of domestic violence concerning Track.

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The name of the US ship was the USS John McCain and it did sustain “some damage.”

This report comes just weeks after the USS Fitzgerald was involved in a collision.

According to the Commander, U.S. 7th Fleetwebsite, the collision was reported at 6:24 a.m. Japan Standard Time, while the ship was transiting to a routine port visit in Singapore.

Sarah Palin get’s credit for an amazing observation about the job of Donald Trump, our Commander-in-chief, when she remarks “new report”.  It seems we can always count on Sarah’s astute power of observation to tell a story like it is.  If Trump starts a nuclear war with North Korea, maybe the headline will read “Another new report”.




10 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s “New Report” on the Failure of the Commander-in-Chief

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  1. Drumpf’s initial response to news of the collision was “too bad”.The merchant ship was a tanker which is one of the largest ships on the ocean. How do these accidents occur with the so called sophisticated navigation instruments these ships possess? Impeach Obama I say!


      1. Fake Noize military ex-spurt claims it is Obama’s fault. He says the Navy doesn’t teach seamanship, just sensitivity training and sex education.

        Our ships are eqipped with the latest navigational aids and warnings. Someone has to be asleep or drunk at the wheel for these things to happen. For gosh sake, the tanker is three times the size of the destroyer. There is no not seeing the damn thing on radar or visual inspection.


    1. The people that hate obamacare but love the Affordable Care Act are certain the accident wouldn’t have happened if Hillary was only locked up.


  2. Ok so both the McCain and frizgerald hit in same manner, lost of life in same fashion. Both ships that ran into them were very heavy.
    “They” hacked the navigation systems or ? but then? the comment from trump? too bad and then sara, bannon? Flynn? snowden? prince? oh and so many more type IT gamers, hackers and communication fellas. Who has motive? Why? and then the distraction from trump? Big news conference and talking about sending our young men and women to war with no early withdraw. And yes love and peace and come together.


  3. Better put the brakes and security on automation and satellite communication until the global/domestic terrorist and hackers are controlled. Clearly looking like a flex of knowledge and threat to our military/America. Russia? Nkorea? too bad trump?


  4. I can’t help if these ship accidents are merely due to U.S. attitude vs. the rules of navigation. The ship commanders think they can just do what they please, like an SUV cutting off a Prius. Unfortunately the merchant pilots feel they have the rule of law on their side and remain on course. Both “accidents’ look like the U.S. ships failed to yield right of way.

    Sarah has to be flipping her wigs. The current scenario is that China will wipe out Alaska if the U.S. attacks N. Korea.


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