God Signals Trump’s Impeachment




A solar eclipse if quite unusual.  However one is expected August 21st.The Fake News is reporting that it is a sign from God.

Image result for solar eclipse


4 thoughts on “God Signals Trump’s Impeachment

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  1. Darkness covered the whole nation today, eradicating all light in nearly an entire century.

    That happened today on trump’s watch.


  2. Trump screwed me again. He gave me a sleeping pill and when I woke up he stole my eyes after he burned his up at the eclipse. It’s a real bitch to type and stuff.

    We are packing up for the trip to fenix tonight for the campaign speech. It’s a tough race between trump and mr. Reality. Mr reality is winning in most states that have running water.

    Trump hates mr reality. He thinks he is full of crap. This bs about global warming, eclipse eye burning, and human writes is his focus.

    Human writes does not make cents. If you put a pen in a million people’s hands I guarantee not all of them can write. This will be a major debate between trump and mr reality.

    I need to do something about melania also. Every morning we have to cut her off the rope she is hanging off in the closet. Either put on some weight or put a bag over your head and where oven mits when trump wants to do the orange crush.

    Off to fenix


  3. Trumps tiny beady lying eyes did not see the light while viewing the eclipse. He continues his evil act with lousy actors daily. And “Michael” the black man for trump at all the rallies is one paid lousy actor. The damage to our young is unspeakable. To witness such a crime in our lifetime has been painful to all. Americans cannot wait till justice is served and the facts and history written. It is true, we have never witnessed such an evil doer in our lifetime. A real life villain.


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