Trump Can’t Spell WRITE!

It’s a hard job two bee the President.  Tweeting  in steed of answering difficult questions is easier, unless u can knot spell.  Trump has joust shoun that he can knot spel.  Instead of hoping to heal the country, Trump hoped the country would “HEEL”.  Trump dozen no how too reed and right, how two sea and bee sean, ore how too how too deel with meen people.  He blamez uthers fore his miss takes and culd never maak Americuh Greet Again!!!

Melania knows what “heels” are.

Image result for melania high heels

Dogs know how to heel.

Image result for dog trump costume

But America may never “heel” from the damage dune by Donald Trump.

Image result for trump damage america

9 thoughts on “Trump Can’t Spell WRITE!

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  1. Any woman not willingly, for her own sober enjoyment, wearing those heels subjugates to the phallic male tribalism.

    PS. Another day alive, another day for Sarah Palin to continue her erosion of the river of life.


      1. I did this one time elsewhere, and it’s harder to write stupid than you think! I was in such laughter by the time I was done. Kudos to both of you!


  2. Trump can spell this is not hiz fault. Its that freaking google translator thingy. Everytime I try and translates Putins texts into americam language it screws up. I tried to do in once to english and its worse.

    This country needs to come together and to help out our president. If we could change the american language to russian it would run a lot smoother.

    Next week on the trump show we start out with “oligarch’s lives matter” It should be great.. Trump is honoring these people who fought hard to buy a condo for a million plus from him. He is inviting them to fort knox for a looting party. It should be fun.

    I gotta go. I am picking up a couple of hundred containers of tiki torches. Whoever buys a condo or punches an ex trump cabinet member in the teeth gets one. Its a great country. Enjoy it while it lasts. The good thing is there was a glitch in google translator yesterday. The nuke codes are a couple of numbers off. Putin and that wang chung guy from north korea are pissed.


  3. Freudian slip, during a split screen bathroom session, porn on one screen, Twitter on the other.

    I’m with how “soon is now.” I’ve been confused about crooked shoes since I was young. Then it really hit me in my early 40’s when arthritis from martial arts flared up in my legs and feet. Why do women wear these things, placing all their weight on a few joints? The balance problems constantly whip the back and neck. Then you have joint deformity requiring surgery and bone grafts. Don’t let men force harmful fashion on you.

    And to paraphrase Chris Rock “Who you think you foolin’ on those six inch heels? You ain’t that tall!”


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