Kennedy Center Honorees Tell Trump “Sail On”

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Singer-songwriter Carole King, filmmaker George Lucas, actress and singer Rita Moreno, conductor Seiji Ozawa and actress Cicely Tyson

These are the 2016 honorees:

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Actor Al Pacino, gospel singer Mavis Staples, pianist Martha Argerich, singer-songwriter James Taylor and Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmidt and Joe Walsh, the surviving members of the Eagles,

These are the people who will be honored this year:

10 thoughts on “Kennedy Center Honorees Tell Trump “Sail On”

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  1. Glad you posted pictures of past honorees. I don’t recall even seeing those pictures.
    Well…each week I just go “whew”!! Can it get any crazier? Yes. Because it keeps happening – each and every week. This lunatic is destroying virtually everything he touches. This insanity has to stop – and it will. When?? I always have an optimistic attitude but he really is trying my patience.


    1. It is a small consolation when I hear Trump voters recently saying he is an embarrassing disaster tweeting and speaking. It took them a Long time to catch on.


  2. Just sitting back and watching it all unfold, Malia. As my Dad always said, “give ’em enough rope, they’ll hang themselves.” This isn’t about “allowing the honorees to celebrate without any political distraction,” the White House’s official response, but a coward in his hidey hole like he was WHCD. “I must be adored,” and we ALL know who that sounds like, don’t we.

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  3. We know the real reason. Trump can’t stand getting boo’d or just total silence when he is introduced. Very fragile child……


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