Trump’s Response to Charlottesville is Proof of His Mental Illness

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Since elected, professionals have described Trump as a person mentally ill, suffering from Narcissist Personality Disorder.    Before even considering the President’s comments on Charlottesville, he made a gratuitous statement that he owned a winery in Charlottesville and it was one of the biggest in the country.  That statement was a lie.  Not only does he not own the winery, but it’s not even one of the biggest in the East Coast.  To put that lie in perspective, the winery to which Trump referred has 210 acres of vines.  The largest winery in the country, Gallo, has more than 23,000 acres.That mean that if Trump actually owned the property in question it would be .01% the size of the largest winery in the country.  To lie about something so trivial during the discussion of something so devastating to the country as the death of young innocent woman at the hands of a White Supremacist is an example of just how sick Donald Trump is.

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Until actually watching the video of the President’s press conference, the extent of his mental illness wasn’t apparent.  I’d read reports of the conference, but to watch and hear his combative nature was gut-wrenching.

In addition to blaming the “left” (i.e.those who were not neo-nazis), and in addition to the lie about his winery, Trump:

  1.  Described his statement on Charlottesville as a “fine” statement,
  2. Explain that “making the statement when I did was excellent.”
  3. Credited the mother of the young woman who was killed with saying the ” the nicest things to me.”  (The truth is that the mother won’t speak to Trump!)
  4. Declared that if the press wasn’t “fake” and if it was honest, the press would have said that what he said was “very nice.”
  5. As Trump is apt to do, he reported that “everyone”  thought “his statement was beautiful”.      In the end Trump doubled down on his claim that the people protesting the neo-nazis were also to blame.  He said “What about the alt-left that came charging at the alt-right?”  “Do they have any semblance of guilt?”  “I think they do.”  “You had a group on the other side without a permit and they were very violent.” “I’ve condemned many group.”  “Those people were there to protest the taking down the statute of Robert E. Lee.”  Group on the other side (left) I think was violently attacking, …I think there was blame on both sides…no doubt about it.  Very fine people on both sides.

However the most offensive part of the press conference was not what was said but the tone in which it was said.  When you listen to the clip above, Donald Trump sounds like a deranged lunatic.  He is combative, violent, and racist in his demeanor.  He is unable to remain impervious to the implications of the reporters questions.

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It’s predictable that even Republican would call out President Trump for his offensive remarks and tone.  Mitt Romney called on President Donald Trumpto “acknowledge that he was wrong” and apologize for his remarks about the violent Charlottesville rally.

In a Facebook post Friday, Romney urged Trump to “state forcefully and unequivocally that racists are 100% to blame for the murder and violence in Charlottesville.” He asked the president to “definitively repudiate” the support of David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klanleader who thanked Trump for condemning “leftist terrorists” in his remarks on the events in Virginia.

“Whether he intended to or not, what [Trump] communicated caused racists to rejoice, minorities to weep, and the vast heart of America to mourn,” Romney wrote.

Romney emphasized that Trump’s hesitation to explicitly condemn white supremacist groups could be a national security issue.

“Our allies around the world are stunned and our enemies celebrate; America’s ability to help secure a peaceful and prosperous world is diminished,” Romney wrote. “And who would want to come to the aid of a country they perceive as racist if ever the need were to arise, as it did after 9/11?”

8 thoughts on “Trump’s Response to Charlottesville is Proof of His Mental Illness

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  1. It isn’t just that he lies about almost everything; it appears he really does live in an imaginary world and the lies reflect that world. How many of his lies is he really aware of if he thinks they reflect actual reality? We have at the very least a seriously delusional person as President. It gets more disturbing almost daily.


  2. I think the “alt white” is not to blame. I think the guy who came up with “control alt delete” has caused more damage than any of these saints. Who hear has never passed out on a key board only to wake up with a crashed computer.
    I think we need to all come together and find this guy.

    I bet there is a statue of this guy somewhere and trump is the guy to find it. He is setting up a commision to get to the bottom of this. He is talking about starting the draft to combat this head on.

    As “Thomas” on the “jefersons” tv show said Di-no-mite. Maybe it was Thomas Jefferson the guy who writes stuff on crappy paper. I forgot where I was going with this. Oh is was the “Sledge” Hammer of “allegance” . Actually It was the tiki torch right between my eyes, of allegiance that is screwing me up.

    I gotta get this hole in my head fixed so I can right trumps next speech. This place is empty. The only one here is trump getting a tan from 4 huge television screens tuned to fox news. Its like looking at a pumkin with cellulite on a sunny day.

    There has got to be someway out of here said the joker to the thief. Help.


  3. Remembering back the last 20yrs of the republican party? It all makes sense. The radical insanity of rush, palin, beck, trump, bannon, etc., citizen united, religious right, increased militias, info wars, active Russian, hacking, NRA, and now the khaki wearing so called college students expressing Nazi views and the bannon white nationalist views, ? Good grief !!! The underground propaganda infecting our young must be stopped. The militias must dissolve, law enforcement and military must sweep and remove this country of hate groups. secure our internet and satellite networks, remove networks of domestic terrorist and hate groups and The first being that so called human occupying our white house illegitimately illegally and criminally..


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