Trump Fires Steve Bannon, White Supremacist, as a Way to Deflect Blame

Image result for steve bannon funny

Image result for steve bannon funny

A defining characteristic of a Narcissist is that he can never accept responsibility.  He Blames You!

Thus, as Trump struggles to blame someone else for his total failure to address the Charlottesville tragedy with any semblance of leadership, news comes out today that Steve Bannon is out.  It’s not clear that Trump fired him,or simply asked for his resignation.  It is clear Bannon is a white supremacist, an anti-semite, he’s been involved in domestic violence, he’ a serial sexual predator, and was endorsed by the former head of the KKK.

Image result for steve bannon funny

Here is Steve Bannon’s interview following the Charlottesville catastrophe.

The amazing this is that nothing has changed about Steve Bannon.  He’s always been the vile piece of human excrement that he is today.  The only reason Trump has fired/asked for his resignation is that now Trump, the narcissist, needs someone to blame for his ill-fated remarks on Charlottesville.

4 thoughts on “Trump Fires Steve Bannon, White Supremacist, as a Way to Deflect Blame

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  1. Hi Malia –

    So busy this week – check your bog each day but sometimes no time to make a comment. Will connect this week end. After this insane week I am exhausted – as I am sure you are. Crazy times we are living in.


  2. Brannon was a complete ass to trump. He kept stealing the sheets off trumps bed and poking eye holes in the pillow cases.

    He never shared anything. Trump got all the left overs. It didn’t matter if it was Big Macs or sex slaves trump always came in second.

    He also screwed over trump when he tried to auction off melania. He could not even get one bid on eBay. This was not the master marketer he claimed.

    Trumps mar lago Gardner is now chief strategist. May Todd be with him


    1. painchipeater,
      Bannon was an ass for sure! He started to make fun of Trump’s weight when he himself had super-sized his order all too often. Bannon should have praised Trump’s hand size if he wanted to keep his job!


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