Trump Blames “Both Sides” AGAIN!!!

4 thoughts on “Trump Blames “Both Sides” AGAIN!!!

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  1. Both sides? Huh? The dead woman doesn’t have sides – she isn’t a box or a coin. Empathy isn’t in his blood.
    Melania, join the exodus.


  2. The international leaders play Trump Word Bingo at meetings where Trump is speaking. They see him as an unintelligent person with a limited vocabulary. And it only took them three or four months to start silently mocking him as he prattled on like a fifth grade kid in a schoolyard.
    Now the reporters have his number. They are probably drawing straws before the press conferences to see who gets to poke the bear. They must know the words, phrases, or situations that will take Trump off script and release the uninhibited True Trump. For a guy who doesn’t drink, Trump sure runs his mouth like an angry drunk.


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