The Great Exodus from the Trump White House

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or people running away from a T-Rex.

Trump’s business advisory council was hit on Tuesday by its fourth resignation in three days, the wake of his ill-advised handling of the Charlottesville riots.  Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, resigned after a raft of departures by CEOs heading large US corporations.  The heads of computer giant Intel, sports clothing company Under Armour and Merck, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, stepped down in protest on Monday.  It’s not hard to alienate Americans.  Surround yourself with Neo-nazis, like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, claimed as a mentee by Richard Spencer, who is an avowed open white nationalist and Sebastian Gorka who “wore the medal of Vitézi Rend, a Nazi organization,” and its pretty clear why Republicans and Democrats would run away.


Ken Frazier, CEO of Merck, resigned.  He left after  Bob Iger, the head of Disney, and Tesla’s Elon Musk, both left.  Neither wanted to be associated with the White House after Trump pulledoutof the Paris climate change deal.

The former CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, resigned in February after coming under pressure from employees and customers over Mr Trump’s travel ban.

 Trump condemn anyone who disagrees with him.  He tweeted:
“For every CEO that drops out of the Manufacturing Council, I have many to take their place. Grandstanders should not have gone on. JOBS!”

But the exit of so many high profile and well-respected business leaders is severely damaging to a president who has prided himself on being a businessman, and a corporate champion.

People can’t run away from Trump Fast Enough!

7 thoughts on “The Great Exodus from the Trump White House

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  1. In smith vs colin the supreme court ruled the swastica was protected speach and the Nazi party had a right to assemble. We have laws in this country which protect everyones view point. I belive people like Merck CEO should have more respect of the rule of law.


  2. This exodus is natural just like lemmings on a clif. The good news is that David Duke did not leave. He has helped out with the rennovations at the white house. He is really fiscally responsible. He decided to use only a bucket in the blacks only bathroom. Trump still put in solid gold bathrooms for the whites only bathrooms.

    He also suggested putting electric dog collers on all the blacks at the whitehouse so he can keep them out of certain rooms. This really pisses me off because he really did not think of it. Everyone knows Todd has had dog collers on his hookers for years.

    I got to get back to see what trump is upto. He was having a meeting with sarah. It could have been with a half shaved half starved raccon but I am not sure. Regardless trump is is running the country with a skeleton crew. Hopefully sarah will be the scar crow of this crew


  3. Staffing is an ongoing problem for this administration. The smart ones get in, see the chaos and leave. Or they leave due to the unprofessional behavior of the boss. And then there are the hundreds who were offered jobs and just said “No thanks.”
    How many positions has Trump failed to fill? How many appointments has he processed that are not actually in their jobs yet? Most Presidents have all of the departments properly staffed within six months. The State Department is in dire need of people in this time of wars and threats of wars. In a couple more months, no one except the racists and professional liars will want to work for the White House.


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