New Yorkers Make Trump Sorry He Returned to Trump Tower

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Trump’s 17 days of vacation is finally over.  Instead of returning to the White House, Trump returned to Trump Tower, thinking he’d be safe at home.  Trump arrived at Trump Tower only to find thousands of protesters lining blocks outside of Trump Tower.

Protesters gathered in the shadow of Trump Tower on Monday evening, filling the sidewalk for several blocks and forming a gauntlet of signs and chants that ran several blocks down Fifth Avenue.

For hours, protesters chanted “New York hates you!” and “Shame, shame, shame!”




6 thoughts on “New Yorkers Make Trump Sorry He Returned to Trump Tower

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  1. The funny thing is that most New Yorkers could care less about politics. They’re angry because Trump brings his dog and pony show to NYC and shuts down the center of the city with security forces. Never get in the way of New Yorkers.
    And Trump can forget those walks around the city. New Yorkers love to call out pedestrian celebrities and politicians they do not like. The Bronx Cheer will be replaced by the Manhattan Chant: F*** Trump!


  2. Malia – There should be demonstrators everywhere this moron goes just to unnerve him! Did Trump think as long as he said what he thought people wanted to hear and if he got rid of everything with Obama’s name on it, then he could just skate through 4 years on his name? Did he not understand in the job of POTUS there are controversies? He was and still is unprepared to be POTUS. He is once again on TV re-iterating what he said on Saturday and yesterday, but today he is digging himself a bigger hole. Where is Kelly and why hasn’t he or Ivanka stepped in and told Trump to STFU?


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