Even Sarah Palin Spoke Out Against White Nationalists

Having covered Sarah Palin for many years, it is clear that there isn’t much that Sarah Palin has done right.  Yet even she recognized the need to call out the white nationalists who committed acts of Terror in Charlottesville.  Palin posted this photo to her Facebook page.
 Image result for getty images charlottesville

Unlike Donald Trump, Palin explained that “We lost hundreds of thousands of lives stopping the spread of communism and Naziism. Lest we not forget that we were at war for over 40 years stopping these two ideologies. #freedom #racism”

Surely if Sarah Palin recognized the need to condemn White supremacists and Neo-nazis, somebody in the Trump administration should have realized the importance of Trump signaling an end to this bigotry and racism.


6 thoughts on “Even Sarah Palin Spoke Out Against White Nationalists

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  1. she only wants attention …sarah is a bigot …she made Alaskans starve….deprived them of heat…foor..ruined their land. I don’t believe a word that wench says anymore than her equally racist boyfriend trump~ Sorry I can’t fall for racist sarah’s desperate plea for attention. She goes where she can get attention. That’s all.


    1. WonderingWTF,
      I absolutely agree! She is trying to find a way to stay relevant, but I think that she has quit adding her point of view about anything and other people write these articles.


  2. just noticed the ‘Mama Grizzly Radio’ link on her webpage. grade-school delusion.

    also, the site says “DISCLAIMER: the articles on this website DO NOT necessarily reflect the views held by Governor Palin.”
    Which is laughable. Someone who doesn’t exist (she isn’t a governor) can’t be held responsible or accountable for anything.


  3. Best guess is that she’s trying to get Trump’s attention. Want to become relevant again? Get in a Twit War with the Twit on the golden throne.


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