Trump’s Failure to Condemn Murder by White Supremacists is Unforgivable

A Neo-Nazis drove his car into a crowd of people standing up for civil rights and proclaiming the importance of love.  Heather Hyer was the protester who was killed.  She was 32 years old and turned out to proclaim her support for the US Constitution and the right of every American to life and liberty.  Sadly she was slaughtered by a man who was hell-bent on killing anyone who stood up and was willing to be counted as a person who advocated respect for another person’s constitutional rights.
Friends described Heather as a passionate advocate for the disenfranchised who was often moved to tears by the world’s injustices. That sense of conviction led her to join demonstrators protesting a rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday.
This was Donald Trump’s response:

Trump explained that violence has occurred on all sides, and that violence on ANY SIDE was unforgivable!  Some criticized that Trump was unwilling to call out the White Supremacists who were at fault.  As you listen to the President’s remarks, you will see that he spoke about:

  1.  Veterans
  2. The Great things Trump is doing on the Veterans Administration
  3. Record employment under Trump
  4. Lowest unemployment in 17 years
  5. Companies relocating in America (Trump named some by name)
  6. Renegotiation of Trade Deals
  7. Incredible law enforcement people
  8. The Governor thanked Trump for his support
  9. We are all Americans first
  10. We love our God
  11. We are proud of who we are
  12. Our administration is restoring the bonds of loyalty
  13. David Chulkin (sp?) and the job he’s done with the VA
  14.  David is a star
  15. If anyone disagrees that David has done a great job, they can leave the room.
  16. The profound improvements to the VA that have been made in a very short time.
  17. Record setting business in the VA
  18. The ability of David to fire people who do a poor job
  19. The VA quality and choice act that the President signed
  20. During the campaign Trump talked about the delays in Veterans receiving the health care they needed.
  21. The Veterans are very very thankful for the changes made by Trump.
  22. The Veterans are now receiving the very best possible care due to the high quality of people applying to serve veterans.
  23. Trump identified three people by name and title and state they represent who helped usher the veterans bill through Congress.
  24. It was very tough to get the bill through Congress.
  25. Trump invited another to state the names of two Democrats who helped the bill get passed.
  26. Improvement in world-class facitlities for our veterans have become a reality.
  27. I love all the people ofour country.
  28. We are going to make our country great again.
What Trump didn’t say in his short 10 minute address was the name of Heather Hyer.  He didn’t mention the multiple people who were injured by the White Supremacist.
Jason Kessler was the organizer of the Protest fort he White Supremacists.  He had the nerve to blame the violence on the opponents of the White Supremacists.

Trump’s failure to condemn the White Supremacists who killed an injured people at the protest resulted in the resignation of  Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma who was appointed to the President’s Manufacturing Council.  Trump then went on the attack by Tweeting that Mr. Frazier would have more time now to ” LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!”

After Trump on Saturday had blamed “many sides” for the hatred that led to the violence in Charlottesville, the White House on Sunday said in a statement that “of course” that included “white supremacists, KKK Neo-Nazi and all extremist groups.”

Yet, the statement was attributed to an unnamed spokesperson, not to Trump himself.


On Sunday, Ivanka tried to fix the problem for her father.  She took to Twitter to use more direct language than her father’s “many sides” equivocation to denounce the groups and ideologies blamed for the senseless violence that resulted in injuries to many and death to one.

Ivanka pointedly used the terms “racism, white supremacy and neo-nazis,” while her father’s Saturday afternoon statement only referred generally to “hated and bigotry.”

Ivanka’s attempts to correct her father’s mistakes stood in sharp contrast to the statement of Trump.  It was as if she confirmed the impression of many that Trump purposefully denied the involvement of the KKK.  Because  White House employs at least three senior advisors — Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller — who are known for their sympathy to white nationalist, anti-semintic or alt-right viewpoints, Trump’s refusal to condemn these groups was painfully obvious. In an editorial,the New York Times said that Bannon’s “nationalist theories and Breitbart dog whistles helped summon the rage on display in Charlottesville.

To make matters worse,  white supremacists were delighted that Trump didn’t criticize them in anything he said or tweeted over the two days of racist violence:

“He didn’t attack us,” crowed The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist website, according to the Times editorial.  “No condemnation at all. … God bless him.”

Donald Trump is himself a terrorist, a white supremacist, and a supporter of Neo-nazis.  He is the antithesis of American values.  He is toxic to the American way of life.  His impeachment will not come soon enough for me.

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10 thoughts on “Trump’s Failure to Condemn Murder by White Supremacists is Unforgivable

Add yours

  1. Malia –

    This article is a “must read”.
    On Politico by Brennan Gilmore – “What I Saw in Charlottsville Could Be Just The Beginning”.


  2. His speeches and actions recently have come down with an iron fist on the gang MS-13, a latino gang of Salvadorean origin.

    His speeches and actions for the white gangs are quite the opposite.



  3. The white nationalist conducted a peaceful assemble. One loose cannon who drives a car into a crowd is not reflective of everyone else. In addition, You fail to mention the Antifa group were throwing cement filled soda cans at the nationalist.

    Why don’t you make a video like this when a man with connections to the Southern Poverty law center fired a Soviet designed SKS 7.62-milimeter caliber rifle rifle at Republicans playing baseball leaving four people injured from gunshot wounds. The SKS 7.62 just happens to be the same type rifle used by Micah Xavier Johnson, and the vietcong.

    Why didn’t you make this video went these women was abused by the opposition.

    Why do\in’t you make this video when four BLM members torture a retarded man. They scalped the man with a knife. Why din’t you speak out against violence then?

    Because freinds of the leftist gorilla’s allow this violence to continue and young women and young man have lost thier life.


  4. Five white guys with clubs beating a black guy, nothing. Honoring the the name of the murdered lady with a condolence, nothing. So, Cyber’s victims were not given any coverage. Well, Cyber, Trump’s got your back. He ignored the dead woman and the brutal beating of the unarmed Black man.

    Any links to fact based news sites reporting those 2016 injuries? The bottom victim is wearing moulage, special stage makeup to imitate wounds, and it’s a lousy job. There’s no swelling or bruising (black and blue) to match the impact zones. Don’t know if it’s fake news but it IS a fake photo.

    America is is responding. The photos of the Nazis and white supremacists are being traced and their names are being posted on the net. If these people are so committed to their cause they won’t mind being honored on various websites. For some odd reason a couple off them have already been fired for being Nazis.


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