Sarah Palin’s Priorities are Belly Fat and Elizabeth Warren

Leave it to Sarah Palin to quickly identify the most pressing issues of the day.  The headline of her web site was: “Cut a bit of belly bloat each day, by avoiding these 3 foods.”  The secondary story is a video of Elizabeth Warren pointing out that Trump’s wall is never going to be built.

The article goes on to describe Elizabeth Warren as a potential contender in the 2020 Presidential Election.  Palin offers no opinion or commentary regarding Warren, or Trump’s failure to construct a wall. The headline that accompanies Palin’s article is “Warren Threatens Trump’s Wall.”  That is the most Palin offers in the way of a reaction to the message.  However, as the article itself reveals, Warren is in no way “threatening” Trump’s wall.  She is making the observation that the wall will never be built.  The reason for the failure of the construction of such a wall is not a threat by Warren, but rather an observation.

By featuring this video of Warren’s speech, without commentary or criticism, Palin brings public attention to a potential candidate for 2020. It’s as if Palin doesn’t read the articles on her own web site, doesn’t understand them, or doesn’t care about the impact of them.  She seems to care only about number of clicks.  The headline about losing belly fat seems to be more important than who will be the candidate in 2020, what is happening in the Russia investigation, or the potential for a nuclear war with our “North Korean Allies.”

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3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Priorities are Belly Fat and Elizabeth Warren

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  1. Sarah can fuck off, along with that fucking “pie” she made in that one video of hers (the pie that looks like her dog Jill Hadassah ate and shit out of its’ ass).


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