Stephen Colbert on Donald Trump “the Likes of Which You’ve Never Seen Before”

8 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert on Donald Trump “the Likes of Which You’ve Never Seen Before”

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  1. They, Not Of Good Cheer, But Dreadful Violation – how the governor led to the pumpkin led to the destruction of the planet (Jesus has already forgiven them, so shut up libralz, with your talk of evolution and reality and free will and science and philosophy and religions not christian).

    Many are saying, “CIA, are you really gonna turn a blind eye?”



        Sorry, my comment above didnt make sense, came out as nonsense and upside down. It can’t even be rewritten or explained (and I don’t take mind altering substances).


      2. Malia, let’s not rush to judgement. I saw this type of narrative back in the 60’s. Looks like LSD and mushrooms with a couple of joints to take off the edge, steady the hand for typing. Just enjoy the creativity. Looks like a mix of “Gulliver’s Travels” and “Alice in Wonderland” type political satire. We may be communicating with a true hybrid, a conservative literary artist.

        Or it’s my old buddy “Mushroom Nixon” the white power, redneck, conservative stoner. He had day glow posters of Nixon and Agnew. He used to talk to trees, called them figurines.

        Yo Mushroom, Figurine, you you have any extra black powder cartridge cylinders for an 1851 Navy in .36 or .44 cal.?


    1. Malia I apologize for sabotaging this thread – I’ve even got allard777 agreeing with me! (which feels super nasty and is a giant erroneous sin). I don’t even remotely identify as a republican, that’s how inaccurately it reads!!


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