The “Fire And Fury” Heard Around the World, Except By Sarah Palin

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Yesterday there were reports around the world of President Trump’s “bombastic” and “unhinged”  remarks threatening North Korea.  Trump threatened North Korea with “Fire and fury” the likes of which the world has never seen.

As the entire world displays concern at the threatening tone of the President’s remarks, even sane, rational people recognize the risk of pitting one unhinged world leader against the other.

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It’s not the first time threats of nuclear war have been made by North Korea.

It is however the first time that an American President has responded with an equally threatening tone.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson attempted to defuse the incendiary tone of the President’s remarks.  Tillerson  said that Americans “should sleep well at night” regarding the situation with North Korea, according to NBC.  Tillerson said he has “no concerns about this particular rhetoric over the last few days.”  He explained that the President was simply using “aggressive language” to get the attention of Kim Jong Un.

The amazing thing is that Sarah Palin reported NOT on what the President said, but on the reassuring words of Rex Tillerson.

 The obvious implication of Palin’s report is that either she disagrees with Trump’s approach to dealing with North Korea, or she finds Tillerson more believable than Trump.  If the later is the case, Palin would be one of the 73% of Americans who don’t trust Donald Trump.
President Trump’s  “fire and fury” threats against North Korea were heard around the world.  In Asia leaders were alarmed due to the possibility of military conflict over the North’s nuclear program seemed more real.  With North Korea responding that it would, if attacked, strike American military forces in Guam, analysts warned that the escalating statements increased the likelihood of war — perhaps one based on miscalculation, should one side’s fiery rhetoric be misread by the other.  Sarah Palin chose to ignore Trump’s remarks and report on only Tillerson’s words of calm.  Palin is no longer advocating “reloading”.
Trump threatens North Korea after US assesses they have miniaturized a nuclear warhead
Donald Trump did a disservice to the American people by threatening North Korea.  Sarah Palin does a disservice by reporting only on the attempt by Tillerson to bring calm, rather than being critical of the President’s threats of nuclear war.


6 thoughts on “The “Fire And Fury” Heard Around the World, Except By Sarah Palin

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  1. One whiny fat fuck with clown hair exchanging violent trash talk with another whiny fat fuck with clown hair. Totally symmetrical. The good news is that Trump is a godly man. God has already given Trump the green light to press whatever buttons and drop whatever WMDs he deems necessary to smite the infidel biggly. Still, before proceeding Trump will confer with Bannon, Jared, Ivanka, Barron, Kellyanne, selected evangelicals, and his generals (in that order), and come up with a Gulf of Tonkin incident or a Reichstag fire.


  2. Malia –

    As you are I am sure – I am on overload right now. I wish I could relax and hope some “adults” in this god forsaken administration will do the right thing and muzzle that fool. I fear it may be too late. Trump threatened and then Kim responded with a threat to nuke Guam. How the hell did we get here?
    I don’t recall your age but I was 21 when the Cuban Missile Crises happened. I had just had my first baby and I was terrified. I sat in front of the tv nursing her and watching for any news. Now here we are with a fool acting as our president and making incredibly outrageous threats. He does not even know what he is doing Such an ass. OK. Enough of this – off to the grocery store.
    As always – thanks for your continued work to do the right thing.


    1. Pat,
      I was born in 1957, so turning 60. I remember the crisis, and remember thinking that we were so lucky to have JFK as our President. Now, as Trump, eggs on Kim Jong Un, I am mortified. IF we find ourselves in a third world war is anyone going to wonder why?


      1. Neither man is humbled by any Divine Plan.

        Stock up on your opiates, evangelicals – there will be a shortage when the bombs land.


  3. Trump, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea are stuck, handcuffed. They are five guys in a granite octagon trying to figure out how to shoot a rabid badger. Any detonation of nuclear weapons, including our DU Bunker Busters, or bombing stored nuclear material will release radiation on the area surrounding North Korea. The jet stream will carry that radiation to Alaska, Canada and the western states.
    Trump also runs the risk of setting off a M.A.D., Mutually Assured Destruction, response. Hidden missiles aimed at population centers. They are programmed to randomly launch from hidden sites if a coutry’s army or government is destroyed by an attack.


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