Stephen Colbert Tells Trump to “Shut UP”!!!

6 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert Tells Trump to “Shut UP”!!!

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  1. I hear Scaramucci is going to appear on Colbert. That could be entertaining since Colbert used him for non flattering and biting comedic fodder. Perhaps the foul mouthed fellow doesn’t really take himself too seriously(unlike his former boss). Or maybe it’s just exposure and self promotion. Anyhow, we will see.


  2. We never had a President who was given this much negative attention. Watching reruns of old late night shows, it was always a mix of headlines and odd news. Presidents only made it about once a week, unless there was some major issue or miscue. Trump is the first one to supply enough insanity to fill the late night airwaves on all networks. Even worse is the fact that his behavior and actions almost write the jokes themselves.

    Business leaders and politicians need to realize that Trump reflects on them. The average person does not see what goes on in the privacy of Congressional offices or the offices of CEO’s. Now, everyone has an inside look at a CEO and President, in his bathroom, just Tweeting out whatever he is thinking. He orders people to do things but never gives the details of how it should be done. He can’t prioritize, nor can he manage his staff. He can’t even swat a fly. Aside from talking and typing, the only activities he seems to engage in are eating, hitting golf balls, and hitting on women. Trump is a real world Governor Le Petomane, the character in Blazing Saddles.


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