Trump’s “Tremendous” Support Plummets to 62% Disapproval!

Donald Trump reports he has a “tremendous” base and “tremendous support.”

However among Americans aged 18-34, Trump’s disapproval rating is 62 percent, up from 58 percent in May, as reported in a survey from GenForward. A mere 22%  of respondents ( probably the people who don’t watch the news) said they approve of his job performance.

The percentage of millennials who disapprove of Trump’s performance is above the overall average, which hovers in the low to mid-50s, compared to overall approval ratings in the high 30s and low 40s for most of Trump’s time in office.

Maybe if Trump improves his golf game while on his 17 day vacation he’ll have higher approval ratings at least on the golf course.


3 thoughts on “Trump’s “Tremendous” Support Plummets to 62% Disapproval!

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  1. Its Mrs Doubt fire dressed as a repulsive pig playing golf.
    (no offense to robin Williams, who could remove the extra 200 pounds at the end of each work day, unlike the fat ignorant dim IMPOTENT pig pictured above)


  2. Malia, you don’t understand golf. Low score wins. If you apply golf rules to the approval rating, 33%, the lowest ever measured, he is the best at getting the lowest score. And that’s the only real low score he has, because he cheats at golf big time.
    Trump is the worst possible person you could have in a game that relies on the honor system, calling penalties on yourself. In golf you play the ball where it ends up. Not Trump, he moves that ball around like and NHL player charging the goalie. He picks up his ball on the green, without putting 10 footers, calling it a “gimme.” He takes “mulligans” all over the course. And he is math challenged. The pros hate getting stuck with him in Pro AQm events because he cheats.


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