As Trump Demands Crack Down on Leaks, Trump and Palin Leak Classified Information!

Trump himself probably leaked classified information back in March of 2017.
President Trump has repeatedly voiced loud opposition to the ongoing leaks out of the White House.  Now it appears that Trump himself has leaked classified information to the nation.  He did it through Twitter.
Thus in case anyone missed the Fox News story in question, Trump made sure that millions of people around the country knew the classified information.
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Will Fischer, an Iraq War veteran and director of government relations for VoteVets, was critical of the Trump’s tweet and questioned what role — or lack thereof — new chief of staff John Kelly had in the process.
“It is absolutely terrifying to see that information that Ambassador Haley said was ‘dangerous’ to print was retweeted by Donald Trump,” Fischer said in a statement. “The question for everyone to ask is: What did General Kelly say? If he told Donald Trump to retweet this, there’s a real problem. If he told Trump not to, and Trump ignored him, that’s a big problem. If Donald Trump is refusing to consult with his chief of staff on any of this, that’s a huge problem.”  Sarah Palin has also posted an article on her Facebook page describing this classified story.
…on second thought, the mere fact that Donald Trump is our President is a huge problem!

4 thoughts on “As Trump Demands Crack Down on Leaks, Trump and Palin Leak Classified Information!

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  1. trump has usurped all power in service of himself, rather than for the people and the planet.

    Congress – it’s too late when it’s too late. If Paul “I EAT MY OWN PUSSY” Ryan had any balls, he would have a bill signed tonight, and we’d have a leader by sunrise.
    if there is a sunrise. (Note: nuclear war KILLS THE PLANET WE LIVE ON. global warming KILLS THE PLANET WE LIVE ON. NUCLEAR WAR KILLS ALL OF LIFE)

    the end of civilization – the lost potential of all of life – if it happens – IS ALL YOUR FAULT PAUL RYAN, YOU IGNORANT BLIND TRIBALIST.

    FIX IT NOW, PAUL “C**T” RYAN. FIX IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. This is hilarious. The new guy President, a security challenged businessman, basically turned himself and his staff into monitoring posts for a variety of countries. By ignoring Federal security protocols, Trump & Co. allowed themselves to be compromised, mainly by Russia. Then others saw how easy it was to gain access, clone electronics, drop monitoring devices, and turn Trump’s extended White Houses into spy satellites. Add the security tech challenged low lives like Palin, Rock, and Nugent, that Trump embraces, and you might as well do a 24/7 from Trump and his minions.

    The GOP has a serious problem in the level of partisan politics they created. Anyone looking to steal US intelligence data first needs to be a white male, then come off as diehard Trump supporter. The rest is a cake walk into the poorly secured world of the GOP and Trump. They are so lost in the GOP loving, Trump loving profile, they fall prey to actors and thieves.


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