Sarah Palin and Donald Trump Team Up to Change the Subject!

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When Sarah Palin or Donald Trump are asked a direct question that brings light on something uncomfortable for them, there is a common response…change the Subject!  For example when Palin was confronted with her statements blaming Obama for Track’s domestic violence, Palin simply changed the subject.

Trump has done the same thing.  He uses Twitter to change the subject.  By using Twitter, a reporter can’t even ask a question to bring into focus the fact that the conversation has just changed.  Trump has repeatedly changed the conversation through a Twitter post.

Now Sarah Palin joins Trump in trying to change the subject.  Palin posted on “” an article titled:  “President Trump Tweets About Senator Blumenthal’s Vietnam Scandal.”   To put this remark in context, the Vietnam War ended over 40 years ago!

Senator Blulmenthal appeared on CNN for an interview.  The focus of the interview was investigation by the press regarding leaks to the press and the Russia investigation.  NOTHING was mentioned about Vietnam or even war.  Senator  Blumenthal was directly commenting on the Department of Justice.  He is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Blumenthal focused on governmental officials who leak information and advocated that they be prosecuted.  However the observation of Blumenthal is that the new subpoena process of the Department of Justice is “weaponizing” these laws for the White House which could have a chilling effect on the press.  Blumenthal explained the difference between the leak of classified information, as compared to revelations of information that is simply embarrassing.

Palin then referenced Trump’s Tweets changing the subject to an attack on Senator Blumenthal.

Trump tweeted:  “interesting to watch Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut talking about hoax Russian collusion when he was a phony Vietnam con artist!”

Never in U.S.history has anyone lied or defrauded voters like Senator Richard Blumenthal. He told stories about his Vietnam battles and….…conquests, how brave he was, and it was all a lie. He cried like a baby and begged for forgiveness like a child. Now he judges collusion…”

However the interview had nothing to do with Blumenthal’s history avoiding the draft.  In fact Trump’s history with avoiding the Vietnam War is similar to Blumenthal’s.

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The senator obtained at least five military deferments to avoid going to war between 1965 and 1970, according to The New York TimesTrump also deferred the draft five times ― four times for education and once after he was diagnosed as having bone spurs in his heels.

Blumenthal was eventually placed in the Marine Reserve, where he served for six years in the U.S. Despite never going overseas, he made claims to the contrary, talking on multiple occasions about serving during Vietnam and making references to the time “when we returned” from the war.  “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam,” Blumenthal said to a group in 2008, according to The New York Times.

The headline Palin used referred to a Vietnam Scandal was:

“President Trump Tweets About Senator Blumenthal’s Vietnam Scandal”.

 Of course the President’s tweet had nothing to do with Blumenthal’s criticism of Trump in the interview.  It was a personal attack on Senator Blumenthal rather than a civil discourse addressing the importance of what Blumenthal said in the interview.

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The point is that Trump’s way of dealing with criticism is to attack the person making the critical remark rather than what was being addressed.  For example instead of responding to Megyn Kelly’s question, he attacked her personally.

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Palin and Trump have a lot in common.

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19 thoughts on “Sarah Palin and Donald Trump Team Up to Change the Subject!

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      1. Games People Play (Berne) is a book about the game of dissociation; Trump and Palin (and most people to some degree) are its’ hallmarks.
        The Perpetrator, The Victim, The Rescuer, and the solution (the sober self).


  1. They have much in common like I wouldn’t want to sleep with either one. I don’t believe either one. I wouldn’t turn my back on either of them.


  2. More stupid comments that you can not understand. Read once in a while instead of listening to your mongrel friends. Idiots find more idiots, you should take with intelligent people once in a while. Your fixation of criticizing our current president is a waste of time…. Try being part of a better world, not part of the Obama wasted years !!!


    1. allard777 You should stop posting…you are only expressing your militant stupidity. I am not for trump or obama…..I think obama sold out to the corporations and involved us in bombing 7 countries mostly for saudi arabia and Israel. I think trump is a failed businessmen who relied on mobsters to keep him afloat but I do appreciate him getting us out of the syrian war….People like you and palin (who is a compulsive liar, blamer, and didn’t do sh*t as govenor, except get hers…she was a complete failure as a VP candidate, making a fool out of herself, not knowing when to shut up and not reveal such a lack of education. Fortunately, she can’t stop herself and lost what could have been probably a great career if she had truly been educated (she lied about graduating college) and been an excellent mom and stayed out of the promoting myself and my kids in trying to seal the money deals for them….but only ended up teaching them to be frauds, and look at bristol, selling her name on products to ???? and marrying herself off to another fraud….lol saved 36 soldiers???? Read the McClatchy reports on that…..the military needed a hero….and the real hero of that story was a young military man from Seattle who didn’t seek fame and fortune on lies. This other kid, saving 36 ……lololol nope, didn’t happen …..Do some research before running your mouth unless you are related to sarah and researching is unheard of before running one’s mouth on bs and always making it up as they go…..


  3. What a moron you are… why post lies and more lies. Obama has created a pile of crat that the USA will take more than a decade to fix. READ and LEARN before you post.


      1. Malia, looks like we have another paid political blog post clerk. Do allard777 and the rest get paid by the word, by the letter, by likes. Obviously they do get paid whether the spelling and grammar is correct or not. And they do get paid even if their comments make no sense.

        The irony is that allard777 and other employees of these blog response boiler rooms are exactly what the GOP complains about….totally fake, paid to look like real opinions of random readers. Doesn’t look like allard777 is going to be promoted to write GOP responses in local news channel sites or the major US newspapers, like the New York Times.


  4. I must say you have balls…… you post lies but limit those who don’t agree. Standard socialistic democrat mentality. The sooner you get out of the USA the better.


    1. allard777 you don’t even know what a socialistic democrat mentality is obviously by your use of the word. lol you suffer militant stupidity. Go educate yourself….this article and these posts represent nothing ….NOTHING….to do with social democracies. Try not to use words you don’t understand.


  5. I just read somewhere about Palin being upset about a painting someone did of The Statue of Liberty dressed as a Muslim woman. It sure does not take much to push her buttons. The picture was quite nice.


  6. Now where was I before I saw the comments from the truncated mallard.

    Oh yes. The redirect is part of a new drinking game. Every time Trump, the Sarahs , Kellyanne, Spicey, or any Trumpster gets hit with facts, they change the subject, usually to Hilary or Obama. They have no on topic reply. They get caught in lies and off they go to another subject. I cannot watch any of them. It’s like watching the interviewer try to pick up mercury. They will not answer the question. The topic just slips away, like a bead of mercury breaking up into smaller beads.

    (Warning: do not play the interview redirect drinking game if you have to drive, go to work, walk, or balance your checkbook. You will be seriously hammered within 10-15 minutes.)


  7. a trait of sociopaths……when confronted, always change the subject, turn it to something else. they all do it….look at sarah, trump, hillary, bush, booker…..


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