Judge Signals Dismissal Likely in Palin Defamation Suit

Sarah Palin has filed suit against the New York Times for defamation. As previously reported, it appears highly unlikely the case will ever proceed to trial, for many reasons.
The attorney for the Times has filed a motion to dismiss the case asserting that Palin and her attorneys are unable to present any evidence of Malice, which is a requirement in a defamation case filed under New York law.  The Motion to Dismiss came after the Attorney for Palin served notice that she was going to subpoena 23 non-party current and former reporters of the Times.  Palin’s attorneys also indicated that they were trying to require the Times to produce  “every internal communication it has had about her since 2011.”
The Judge in the case, Judge Jed Rakoff, has suspended all discovery, preventing Palin’s attorneys from taking any depositions of any reporters until AFTER ruling on the Motion to Dismiss.
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Diane Brayton is the general counsel for the New York Times.  I have contacted her by e-mail today to ensure that she realizes that the original op-ed contained a link to an ABC story.  The link is important because the article by ABC expressly clarified the two points of contention in the Palin suit.  Palin argues that the editorial was incorrect because she didn’t target Giffords personally, but her district.  Palin also asserts that there was nothing connecting her vitriolic words to the actions taken by Laughner.  Both were explained in the linked article:

“Crosshairs is a political phrase that emerged from Palin’s political action committee SarahPac that targeted congressional districts for the Tea Party campaign in the last election, including the district of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.”

” Before the shooting, Sarah Palin’s political action committee circulated a map that showed the targeted electoral districts of Ms. Giffords and 19 other Democrats under stylized cross hairs. But in that case no connection to the shooting was ever established….

Although Palin later denied she meant the graphic over the districts to look like a gun sight, it is part of the hunting lexicon that critics say she prefers.

No connection has been made between this graphic and the Arizona shooting, but it has put the Palin team somewhat on the defensive. Rebecca Mansour, a spokesperson for SarahPac, told conservative commentator Tammy Bruce, “We never imagined, it never occurred to us that anybody would consider it violent.” Insisting she was speaking for herself, and not on behalf of Palin, Mansour added, “We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sights.”

However, following the initial controversy over the “crosshairs” last year, Palin issued her now oft repeated rallying cry, “Don’t retreat. RELOAD.”

Conservative activists are lashing out against what they consider unfair treatment of Palin in this tragedy. On twitter, SarahPac spokesperson Mansour wrote, “Politicizing this is repulsive.”

Conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, wrote, “Of those who’re now using this tragedy 4 political purposes, what’s your proof of this lunatic’s motivation? Isn’t that majorly relevant?”

And another tweeted, “Left blamed Palin b4 they knew 1st thing about shooter; unable to admit malice, they double down, co-ordinate narrative. Grotesque.”

Thus, it seems the ABC article establishes that no malice could be implied, when the Times linked its op-ed to an article that accurately reported all the facts.

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20 thoughts on “Judge Signals Dismissal Likely in Palin Defamation Suit

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  1. Hello Malia! I hope the summer weather has been treating you well! It appears that Ms. Sissy Fits will lose bigly in this last-ditch futile attempt at victimhood! As the Times’ attorneys have stated, her side has not presented ANY evidence of malice! She is grasping at bendy-straws in a futile attempt to remain relevant; however, her 15 minutes of fame expired long time ago! It would be sweet karma if this ridiculous case is dismissed, and she is liable for ALL court costs! Maybe then she will sink into the deep abyss of infamy!!


    1. abbafan,
      Good to hear from you! Anyone can file a law suit, but they have to be able to pay the attorney fees. A lot of people file frivilous cases hoping to get a settlement, but I be the NY times is one defendant that wouldn’t settle.


  2. The first picture looks like a giant billboard of Sarah Palin having been tossed out the window from NYT!

    Seeing as how conservatives and fundamentalists are extremely literal (as a result of a refusal to believe in evolution, and that Jesus is saving them), and that they therefore miss out entirely on metaphor and symbolism, the crosshairs Sarah used were literally a set of INSTRUCTIONS TO GO OUT AND KILL.


      1. So you’re saying the person who hung a Sarah doll by the neck outside their house deserves a nice long prison sentence since it’s a violent image that could make someone hurt Sarah? What about the man in 08 who wanted to shoot Bristol, a completely innocent person who simply got pregnant because she and her bf wanted to, like their friends?

        A mentally ill person is responsible for his/her actions. Sarah would never advocate violence EVER.


  3. She will continue to scurry about trying to restart her grift train. It is all she has. But these attempts cost money. I wonder what her income amounts to now. How much of OPM is coming in. Who bankrolled this? We suspect she doesn’t spend her own money. She can no longer pull off the perky and mean naughty librarian persona the McCain campaign marketed and which excited her ignorant base. She has always been a brain addled ditz but recently she can’t pretend to be something else. She comes across as a brain addled ditz with a substance abuse problem. And gravity and time are definitely taking their toll. As time passes, her options get more limited.I hope this gets tossed and she is saddled with court costs.


    1. Just_a_Mote,
      I don’t know who bankrolled this, but whoever it was, and I suspect it was Palin, they’ll have to pay the attorney fees. I bet the fees, even if dismissed with be at least $50,000.00


    2. Well, Sarah is one of the most frugal humans on the planet and she has never not worked in her life (and has only had two dependents for several years now).

      She definitely deserves justice for the piece of shit media and its slander and bullying about her and her family. These are normal people who’ve had normal happy lives. None had adolescent problems. ALL did well in school and were respectable (sorry, its true.) Look at the losers who bring PRIVATE individuals who suffer from attention into the press spotlight. THAT is abuse, my friends. LEave anyone who doesn’t put himself in the picture alone. There is a reason one Palin gets mad if you post his picture publicly. He’s happy being normal and living privately. The media causes PTSD btw. Why do you think celebs punch cameramen?


  4. Just another case of those durned librul judges, Malia, the pee pond is already whining about this because they know she’s going to lose. Let them whine and her as well; it only further serves her victim status and they can all cry themselves to sleep as far as I’m concerned.

    After the money and time you spent on FOIA requests, I consider this just desserts. If she was all that she proclaimed to be, she’d still be a go-to on political matters but there she sits on her dead lake with nothing but memories of when she was “something” and will never admit that she did this to herself.

    Let her do her little Mom’s parade. Maybe there’s a grocery store ribbon cutting in her future as well.


    1. You seem to be jealous because she’s reminded every day she’s inspired thousands to be vocal against political bullshit and lies from DC. There is a reason she doesn’t lose friends and everyone who meets her falls in love with er.


  5. There’s an easy way to solve the issue of the use of crosshairs, actually two. First is a lie detector test on Palin. Second would be the use of an IV truth drug on Palin. Has Sarah mentioned defending her intent by taking a lie detector test?
    Sarah watched “My Cousin Vinnie” too many times. Now she thinks she can go up against the NY Times legal team on their own turf…….just to stay relevant.


  6. Will sociopathic liberal bloggers and bad reporters EVER be held accountable? EVER???

    There are lots of innocent Wasillans who were thrown under the bus when reporters twisted words to try to hurt Sarah in 08, hence why honest people in Wasilla talk to no one media-related. Then we have 7 years of tabloid lies sold by a mentally ill johnston, the same one who tried to ruin her brother’s marriage a couple years ago the same way she helped end her brothers first engagement in 2010.

    To my fellow D friends, we’re a fucked up party. But at least we aren’t GOP. And I now see why Sarah is basically nonpartisan and always has been. She’s too good a person for each.


  7. Malia – Just so Carpking and Leslie know, Sarah is NOT a victim. Sarah knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she posted the crosshairs map on her PAC website. Ms. Gifford’s begged Sarah on TV to take down the crosshair map, but Sarah didn’t. After the tragedy in AZ, Sarah gave her “blood libel” speech. Who can ever forget that pathetic incoherent word salad?

    Sarah has no one to blame but herself for the way her life has turned out. If she wanted to make a real difference in the world, she should have spent the last 8 years educating herself. Instead, she used her PAC as her personal slush fund. The NYT lawsuit is about Sarah controlling her legacy by claiming she was “defamed” by an editorial published in the NYT. Sarah thinks she is relevant and what better way to bring attention to herself than pursuing a frivolous lawsuit! Hopefully the lawsuit will be tossed at the end of August.


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