Sarah Palin, Candy Carson, and Missy Robertson Promote Subjugation of Women

You remember Sarah Palin, she was the female politician whose husband worked as a pimp.

You remember Candy Carlson, the wife of Ben Carson.

Image result for ben carson wife

Image result for ben carson wife


She was the mother of three children to Ben. There was another woman who claimed to have given birth to another child of Mr. Carson.Mr. Carson refused to take a paternity test.

You remember Missy Robertson.  She is the wife of the Duck Dynasty star, Jase Robertson, who was the son of Phil Robertson.

Jase Robertson Net Worth

She’s now worth an estimated  4 Million Dollars.

All three women are scheduled to be in Omaha to headline a Sept. 23 event whose purpose is to promote the subjugation of women.

Organizer Kimberly Fletcher, the president and founder of Homemakers for America, said she wants the cultural march to counteract what she says is “radical feminist” messaging.

There are a few women who haven’t been invited to appear.  They include:

The women who have had affairs with Herman Cain,

Image result for women herman cain

the women who’ve alleged sexual assault by Donald Trump,

Women accusing Trump of sexual assault refuse to back downWomen accusing Trump of sexual assault refuse to back downWomen accusing Trump of sexual assault refuse to back down

or the wife Kay of Ducky Dynasty star, Phil Robertson.  Phil married Kay when she was only 16 years old.Phil explained that you should always marry a woman at 15-16 years old , before she might be old enough to “pick your pocket.”  Of course, make sure she can cook before you marry her. Phil had multiple affairs while married to Kay.  Alan and Lisa Robertson have been involved with drugs, booze.  Lisa has had an abortion and an “extended” affair.

Of course Sarah is the proud grandmother of at least 4 children conceived out of wedlock.  She is also the mother of three young women, two of whom are beyond college age and have not attended even one year at a traditional 4-year college.

I’m not intending, in any way, to be critical of women who choose to stay at home with children.  I gave up my career as a trial attorney to devote my time to raising three children.  My time with my kids was a part of my life for which I will be eternally grateful.  I was lucky.  Most women need to work to help support a family.  When a woman gets a college education she is better prepared to support herself, support her children, and establish her independence if she should ever become abused.  Education and/or professional accomplishment give a woman the independence she can never have if she remains and uneducated, inexperienced, stay at home mother.  In fact I wrote a book about the joy of being “just a mom” after attaining the rank of Sr. Partner at a Major Law Firm in Dallas.

What bothers me is women like Sarah Palin who characterize “feminists” as the enemy.  It was feminists who fought to give women the right to vote.  If not for feminists, Sarah Palin would never have been allowed to run as a Vice Presidential candidate.

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12 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, Candy Carson, and Missy Robertson Promote Subjugation of Women

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  1. I was trying to imagine if you or I had to sit through a presentation by any of these women – at a certain point I would have to head toward the exit as fast as I could maneuver my cane. I could not deal with it – nor could you.
    What do any of these human carpets have to offer that might be the least bit inspiring? I remember years ago a song – think it was a country/western song – “Stand By Your Man”. Good advice – if they are worthy of that kind of commitment. You and I have been fortunate in marrying quality men – so grateful you still have yours. Miss my Dan each and every single day.


  2. You will probably come across this real soon. Apparently in an article in Sports Illustrated Trump said the reason he goes to his golf clubs so much is because the White House “is a dump”. Amazing.


  3. We’ve known for years that education is not valued in the Palin household, and that they’re severely lacking in the IQ department. Even when she held office she hired others do her work for her, lazy thing that she is. I see this as merely another photo op on her part to carry on her “mama grizzly” shtick that has long passed its sell-by date, and garner attention to herself. She loves herself some adoration and how!

    “Also, too,” no coincidence that she chooses states whose legislatures have gutted education monies to practically nothing. Esther Reincarnated rides again!

    You’re right about feminists giving her the right to run for office, but she’s too dumb to realize that. Her Facebook posts and tweets are proof that she doesn’t think at all before sharing her “wisdom.”


    1. When Jesus has already saved her, education has no value, hence her rancor and birth of the phrase “liberal elites”. Contemplation has become the devil, drowned out by prayer to a separate misunderstood savior. Btw, that’s the same education and minds and free will that imagined, and put, satellites into space so she could tweet on her iPhone about those same elites. It does indeed seem that evolution allowed that! Her literal savior and free will are NOT compatible, and all of creation is from free will and it’s karma. I just opened my bible (I own 2) and Jesus does in fact talk of Creation. Lots in fact. Free will and it’s effects ARE that Creation. Or destruction. That responsibility is repulsive to a fundamentalist.

      God does not protect us “from” anything – but God does get us “through” everything. Enter 2000 year old lie of Christianity, sometimes appearing as a gorilla on DWTS.

      Sarah reaffirms the human tendency for self delusion.


      1. Maria had you sent the reporter of the Omaha story a link to your post, or anyone else affiliated with the event? It may help waken them, or unveil them, in this lifetime or 5000 lifetimes later.


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