The Mooch Makes the Guinness World Book of Records…Twice!

At this rate people are leaving the White House faster than their appointments can become effective.  I have to wonder if he was fired for his vulgarity or for using an image that was physically not possible?  Is Self-fellatio even possible?


This just in…Mike from Iowa sent a link to a picture of the White House Press Office.

Thanks Mike!

8 thoughts on “The Mooch Makes the Guinness World Book of Records…Twice!

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  1. Firing the Mooch makes absolutely no sense! He and The Donald speak the same language. They both tell it like it is, without filtering or political correctness. They both share the values held by all real Americans. The Mooch could have just as well been in the “Access Hollywood” bus. They’re both thin-skinned snowflakes with anger management
    issues. They’re both losers.

    The Mooch didn’t even get a chance to plug all the leaks and whack all the moles before he was fired. Sad!
    Maybe it was a case of appearance jealously. The Donald knows that people call him an orange faced baboon, while The Mooch could pass for crime syndicate middle management (especially wearing those sunglasses).


  2. Word on the street has Sammy “the bull” Gravano getting early release from prison to take over as WH communications director.


  3. A few things Palin that lasted longer than Scaramyccis WH affiliation:

    Bristol’s knee scabs from The Brawl, Bristol’s DWTS longevity, the canceled show Bristol Palin Life’s A Tripp, Sarah’s decoy half pregnancy (pre and/or post-announcement), Sailor’s time on earth before being mysteriously born on earth at a date later than that which produced her (gods christian miracle, surely), Tracks trauma from his dysfunctional family.

    To name a few.


  4. The mooch added some class around here. He was a man with a vision. He was the one who put ex lax in trumps morning Big Mac.

    Have you noticed his tweets are shorter and less and less? A constipated trump could tweet for hours.


    1. Painchipeater,
      I wonder if Trump put something in the Mooch’s food that caused him some major irritation? I predict that the mooch will now be on the approved list for Russian investors.


  5. Scaramucci’s appointment exemplifies how DJT cannot attract talent. However because Mooch was flying so high — with self-importance as fuel, he failed to appreciate how expendable he was.
    It turns out Trump has been courting Kelly for a long time, so it appears even Kelly suffers from a belief that he can change the 71-year-old pinhead in the Oval Office. Sad.


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