The Insanity of Trump’s Hiring and Firing

To Donald Trump, serving as the Commander in Chief, is comparable to his role on Celebrity Apprentice.  “You’re Fired” was the phrase that his audience waited to hear.  The question wasn’t whether somebody would be fired.  Rather we wondered who would be next?

NBC fired Trump.  All of America wishes we could do the same.  Unfortunately it’s not so easy once he became President.

Last week was probably the worst week yet for the Trump Presidency.  After 6 months of negotiations and 7 years of Republican promises, Trump was unable to effect any change to our national health care system.  Remember when he promised that when he was elected and if Congress was dominated by Republicans, he would:

  1.  Call a special session of Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare.
  2. It will be such an honor for me, and for you.
  3. We will do it and we will do it very quickly.

Trump was elected.  He’s now been in office over 6 months.  Both the House and Senate have a Republican majority.  Obamacare has not been repealed or replaced.

Trump tweeted his announcement that he was changing his policy in the military for transgender Americans. For that he received bipartisan rebuke and the leaders in the military announced they wouldn’t comply with that order.

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Trump made a speech before a police department advocating more police violence against those arrested.  Trump’s promotion of aggression was denounced by the same police he was speaking to.  Trump fired his own press secretary Sean Spicer and Chief of Staff Reince Preibus. Donald Trump Jr. and the former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort were invited to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee about that shady meeting they had in Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer. Trump gave an astoundingly bizarre interview to The New York Times in which he publicly slammed his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions.

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This really bad week comes on the anniversary if another really bad week.

Trump’s own high profile officials, who were appointed by Trump, and now fired by Trump, indicates that Trump’s failure as a leader is not “Fake News” but reality.  When he fires people he appointed, one of two conclusions is indisputable.   Either Trump failed to appoint competent people; or the people were competent and as such would not engaged in the insanity of the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Image result for trump spicer priebus

Now as we come to terms with Trump’s firing of Sean Spicer to replace him with the pompous, vulgar, mysognistic   “Mooch,” let us reflect of the professionals that have resigned or been fired by Trump:

  1.  46 US Attorneys in place asa result of appointments by President Obama  were abruptly asked to resign by Trump.
  2. Reince Priebus,White House chief of staff (resigned) after a week of disagreements with Anthony Scaramucci.

    3.  Derek Harvey,National Security Council Middle East advisor (fired)

    4.  Michael Short,Assistant press secretary (resigned)

    5.  Sean Spicer,White House press secretary

    6.  Walter Shaub,Director of the Office of Government Ethics (resigned)

    7.  Robert Iger,Advisory council (resigned)

    8.  Elon Musk,Advisory council (resigned)

    9.  Mike Dubke,Director of communications (resigned)

    10.  K.T. McFarland,Deputy national security advisor (reassigned)

    11.  James B. Comey Jr., FBI director (fired)

    12.  Angella Reid, White House chief usher (fired)

    13.  Katie Walsh,Deputy White House chief of staff (resigned)

    14.  Craig Deare,  National Security Council senior director for Western Hemisphere affairs (fired)

    15.  Mike Flynn,National security advisor (resigned)

    16.  Sally Yates,Acting attorney general (fired)

This is not “Fake News”.  This is a failure of leadership and evidence of complete disdain of people working for Trump who were well respected leaders.  Trump is left with Anthony Scaramucci as his connection to the national press.  The Mooch has previously said of Trump:

  1.  Trump is a bully whose campaign would “eventually implode.”

2.  In response to Trump’s criticism of hedge fund managers, who he said “move around papers,” Scaramucci called Trump “a hack politician” and said his comments were “anti-American.”

3.  “Right out of Elizabeth Warren’s playbook,”

4.  “Are you a Democratic plant for Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren? Stand here and tell us otherwise.”

5.  Scaramucci challenged Trump to criticize him, saying he’ll be the president of the “Queens County bullies association.”

6. “The politicians don’t want to go at Trump because he’s got a big mouth and he’s afraid he’s gonna light them up on Fox News and all these other places, but I’m not a politician.”

7. “You’re an inherited money dude from Queens County —  bring it, Donald. Bring it.”

8.  Scaramucci said that Walker (the candidate Scaramucci favored in the primary) wouldn’t launch attack ads on Trump because “he’s a smart guy and he knows [Trump]’s going to implode without him having to do attack ads. This sort of nonsense is going to cause him to eventually implode.”

9.  Scaramucci said he didn’t appreciate Trump’s disparaging comments about women, including then-Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

“I don’t like the way he talks about women, I don’t like the way he talks about our friend Megyn Kelly.”

10 thoughts on “The Insanity of Trump’s Hiring and Firing

Add yours

  1. Your list of the 16 people was a memory refresher. I had forgotten some of them. Trump will continue to get rid of people – one way or another if he feels they are in his way.

    Were you ever a fan of “The Andy Griffith Show”? Barney Fife had a word to describe – I believe it was Earnest T. Bass – who would create havoc and break windows. Compulsinator. I do not think that is even a word but it described Bass and also Trump. People who can not help their compulsions. Common sense be damned.


  2. OK, everyone needs to STFU on these firings. Keep them below the radar, act like they re normal.

    Here’s the deal. Trump couldn’t and can’t fill a lot of positions because he’s an asshole. Intelligent people see how accepting a nomination to a Trump post make one less than an asshole. Now potential nominees are seeing a new negative, joining the cluster of appointees getting thrown under the bus. There’s also the minor issue of being given a choice obey the law or do what Trump tells you, like the recusal thing. The more we see of firings and total ignorance of Federal standards, laws, the smaller the number of candidates willing to get in the clown car.

    Oh, each firing shows what an impulsive, immature, mentally deranged person we have in charge. We are one Tweet away from nuclear war.


    1. aj,
      For most people being offered a position att he White House would be a “no-brainer.” However people must wonder whatt heir future would be if they got fired the first week.


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