John Oliver’s Smack Down of the Mooch!

This was filmed BEFORE the news that Scaramucci was fired!

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    Had you heard? Palin’s next fundentalist appearance.

    Anti-femininist (subjugate to the patriarchy), anti creativity (the separate punishing patriarchal god takes care of all creativity), anti evolutionists (karma and reincarnation seen as fluff, but life is EVOLUTION. Were it not, there is no life!!! Everything is, and is a result of, evolution. This is truth, not opinion. Believe, don’t believe – that’s human ignorance – evolution is truth regardless of belief in evolution.
    Life is evolution.)
    And we are not separate, but distinct.


    1. Why has palin not put crosshairs on Paul “dickless” Ryan’s district? Equal opportunity crosshairs.

      The Ohama Mom March event is designed to counter “RadICal feminism”? LOL!! Their 2000+ years of ignorance of truth, and preservatipn of the ignorant interpretation of their christian religion. Its that BIG – 2000+ years old lie!! In essence, Christianity was born out of ignorance!! Their myth is dead, and they keep watering it.

      Theyre trying to counter light and love with darkness. The darkness and this “devil” they speak of IS WITHIN THEM. The devil itself is their misuse of free will, stemming entirely from the belief they are separate from ‘god’. We are not, that is an illusion. That illusion is a veil of ignorance. We are lifting veils of ignorance in love, in light, in creation, in femininism, in evolution. We cant not do that or be that. We are that. See Jesus’ death: that is why he died, to show us this truth of life, not to magically save and redeem or have people remain asleep or fight the truth, but to wake up from the “Dark Ages”, that we awaken within to our Divinity, and Realize that through FEMININE Creation!! THIS IS NOT “RADICAL”. Feminine is a quality throughout, a creative quality throughout life, together with the masculine quality of stability (the tension of opposites),and they are against that which is imbued in Divine Design!!! How ignorant, how arrogant, how erroneous, and thereby how dangerous. Religion, while not a bad thing,,has indeed created unnecessary suffering on earth, the same earth we are killing. People have either jumped religion’s ship or dug in in the name of a salvation based god, and a fear of “the other” salvation based gods of other monotheistic religions, the same religions that are all fighting each other, mirroring their systemic error of the MYTH of salvation. Add to that the crazy narcissists with a closed-loop dissociation.

      So, Omaha Mom March, feminism isn’t, “radical” – it is your veils that are hiding you from the truths of the nature of life that your ignorant tribal misinterpretation of your religion has prevented you from seeing. Choose Light. (or choose your own darkness and suffer, thats our gift of choice. Take this P.S. very sternly – there is NO redeeming separate god after death, or anywhere else, for that is found right now, within. In that way, We Are Responsible.)


  2. Great smack down, especially the name for a bovine STD, Scaramucci. Can we get Trumping as the name for hookers urinating on clients? One of the news analysts suggested Ivanka may have influenced the firing because her office was next to Mooch’s. The incestuous, sweat shop owner, daughter of the pussy grabber worries about her public image and damaging her brand name.


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