Trevor Noah Remarks on Foul Mouth of the Mooch!

4 thoughts on “Trevor Noah Remarks on Foul Mouth of the Mooch!

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  1. Welcome to the Pennsylvania Avenue Mental Facility Reality Show. The show just added a little Italian with a Napoleon complex. He’s basically a monkey with a gun, the gun being his mouth. Their leader, the orange Narcissus, is feuding with the southern Keebler elf who lost his memory. There is a hermit KKK member hiding in the house and reported to be very flexible. Two other patients are soccer moms who sold their should to Narcissus and now can only speak in lies. Narcissus is also obsessed with his daughter so he married her to a lad he found on an elite private school short bus. Narcissus tasked the low IQ son in law with multiple international functions, mainly to offend world leaders.
    The PAMF show is linked to the Tracey Ullman show by intermixing characters. Ms. Ullman’s show has scenes from the Russian lab that controls the activities in the White House. The also controls their robot, Melania, from the lab, using a game controller.

    While our insane house of lost minds is real and running what used to be a world power, Ms. Ullman’s show is full of comedy skits targeting world leaders, absolutely hilarious British humor. The Melania skits really capture the inhuman, robotic presence of the First Lady. If she’s not a robot she is on a heavy dose of Thorazine. Need to slip some in Scary moocher’s Red Bull.


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