“New Report” is All Palin Has To Say About John McCain

NEW report.“..is the one line twitter comment of Palin linking to this article:


The Senate voted down a clean “repeal” of Obamacare on Wednesday, according to the Washington Times.  Every Democrat and seven Republicans voted not to put through a 2015 version of a bill that would outright repeal the Affordable Care Act.  On of the Republicans who voted against “repeal” was John McCain, the Senator who plucked Sarah Palin from obscurity in Wasilla Alaska.

When McCain entered the SEnate floor he received a standing ovation.  He was recognized for his commitment to voting on the all-important national health care repeal in spite of his recent hospitalization.  Palin totally failed to recognize the amazing effort it must have been for John McCain to appear for the vote.

Image result for john mccain braincancer

McCain recognized that he couldn’t vote to leave millions of Americans without health care.   McCain’s position was directly opposite of Trump.  Thus Palin, unable to think for herself , was left to report “NEW REPORT.”


7 thoughts on ““New Report” is All Palin Has To Say About John McCain

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  1. Malia – “New report”. That’s the Wasilla loon’s lead-in for the John McCain story? Really? That’s the best Sarah could come up with for the man who put her on his presidential ticket in 2008? Jeez.
    OT – Heard Sarah is asking for 20+ reporters to be subpoenaed in her defamation lawsuit against the NYT. I hope the NYT wins or the lawsuit is dismissed and Sarah has to pay all of the attorney fees and court costs!


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