John Oliver Reacts “Holy Shit” When Thinking of Jared Kushner

4 thoughts on “John Oliver Reacts “Holy Shit” When Thinking of Jared Kushner

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  1. So my question is what kind of Zionist “cred” does Kushner have with Israel? He doesn’t seem to have dual citizenship. In fact it’s hard to find data on any dual citizens in Trump’s land of chaos. Our last two Presidents appointed a lot of dual citizens. Based on his supposed scope of responsibility and lack of accomplishments, Kushner seems to be Trump’s Jewish version of Ben Carson. Trump would never hire a Rahm Emanuel type assistant.

    Combine Kushner’s token position, the lack of Israeli appointees, and the Russian influence and meddling. Then consider the pogroms Trump has instituted against Brown people. Trump has a grudge with the Jews and American Israelis who constantly outperformed him in the New York real estate market. Putin has a grudge with Israel for protecting the Gazaprom oil executives who allegedly swindles billions from Russia and Putin. And then there’s Trump’s obsession with Hitler.

    Jews and Israelis should not relax vigilance because of Jared Kushner. Blacks already know that Uncle Ben is only a token appointment. Beware of wealthy white and old south white people with some sinister long term plan.


    1. aj,
      I totally agree! The appointment of Ben Carson to HUD seems to me to be a “token” thing. It seems to me that Trump thinks the only position appropriate for a Black man is head of HUD!


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