Sarah Palin Describes Kushner’s Statement as “Unexpected”

Sarah tweeted “unexpected” as her total reaction to Jared Kushner’s prepared remarks regarding his involvement in the meeting set up by Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Russians who were involved in colluding to cause Hillary to lose the 2016 election.  Palin of course doesn’t explain what was “unexpected.”  Things that come to mind are:

  1.  It was unexpected that someone associated with Trump might tell the truth.
  2. It was unexpected that Trump Jr. was stupid enough to admit that the purpose of the meeting was collusion, and that he would “love it” if the Russians really had dirt on Hillary.
  3. It was unexpected that Jared would confirm details that would implicate the Trump family  with collusion with the Russians in an effort to save himself.
  4. It was unexpected that Trump Jr. would be so stupid.
  5. It was unexpected for this information to come from Trump’s own son-in-law because President Trump wouldn’t be able to say that Kushner’s statement was “Fake News.”

9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Describes Kushner’s Statement as “Unexpected”

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  1. With most of her comments – they are open for interpretation.
    Apparently, Trump had a last minute photo op with interns and the press. In it he – again – insulted Sessions and told a reporter to “be quiet”. Such a low class person – I don’t even have the words to describe him without getting profane.


  2. Sorta like an unexpected pregnancy at 8.5 months, an unexpected abandonment of an elected position, etc etc etc

    Back to the pipe Sarah.


  3. As expected, tiny simple Sarah keeps trying to get back in the news. There is nothing unexpected about her attempts to get a ‘Grift Train’ back in operation. She’s failing of course. It must really chap her skinny padded self entitled arse. Her frig must look like the moon.


  4. Malia –

    I came across an article today I wanted to share with you.

    Please go to Moyers & Company – there is an article by Steven Harper titled “A Timeline: Russia and President Trump”.
    It is quite long – I got halfway through and saved it so I could go back and finish reading. It starts at the very beginning of what is known and is updated – I think weekly. Too much to absorb for me at one sitting – so do what works for you. I will go back later tonight or tomorrow to finish. But – it has it all lined out. Good luck. Please know I am not trying to torture you – but – hey – if I am going to be miserable who better to share it with?


  5. Malia, that’s Palinese for unexpecting. She’s got a new grandchild, and more grandkids than Trump. Jared and Ivanka are not expecting a child right now. So it’s in your face Mr. President.


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