Trump’s Got Tweet-a-arrhea!



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Experts agree that the very best time to move your bowels is in the morning.  The key is regularity.  Experts on Donald Trump agree that he is predictably regular about tweeting almost every morning around 6:30.  His gastroenterologist Harold Bornstein wrote that he could state unequivocally that Trump  “will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

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If Trump is so healthy, as verified by an expert in bowel health, the inescapable conclusion is that he Tweets while relieving himself.  Perhaps the number of tweets, the timing of them, and the frustration expressed are a reflection of the President’s bowel health.

If that is the case it appears Trump will be calling Dr. Bornstein today for help.  The number and nature of his Tweets leaves his readers with only  one conclusion…Trump’s Got Tweet-a-arrhea!

In what was described as  a ” combative” President, Trump  issued a tweetstorm this morning claiming, among other things, that a president has the “complete power to pardon.”

Trump also expressed his utter frustration about “illegal” leaks from the “Amazon Washington Post,’ which is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.  Trump suggested that legal action was appropriate against Hillary Clinton, without explaining what she had done that Trump determined in the early morning hours from his bathroom, was illegal.   Trump also mentioned James Comey as he was still feeling the burn of Comey’s disloyalty.  Trump declared ObamaCare “dead,” but it isn’t clear what inspired that image.  Jeff Sessions was also the focus of one of Trump’s  “10-tweet blasts over a two-hour period began at 6:33 a.m.”  Trump declared that these illegal leaks,  must stop!”  It’s not clear what kind of leaks the President was talking about.

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  1. How dumb is he? Every day he lowers the bar. here’s my logic problem. If you and your appointees are not guilty, why are you looking at Presidential pardons? That never crosses the mind of an innocent person.

    Trump gets on the crapper, talks out his ass, and basically admits guilt in emotion filled rants. If he ever gets a stomach virus, he may Tweet out his tax return.


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