Spicer’s Out; Mooch is In!

No, I’m not saying Sean Spicer is out of the bushes at the White House.

Image result for sean spicer bushes

I mean he’s resigned as Trump’s Press Secretary.  That means Melissa McCarthy is probably in mourning.

Image result for sean spicer bushes


It was already suspicious that Sean disappeared and Sarah Huckabee appeared.

Now Anthony Scaramouch — “Mooch” to his friends has taken Sean Spicer’s place as communications director.

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There are more questions than answers now.  Who cuts Mooch’s hair?  How much does it cost?  How much did Trump have to pay him?      Who is paying him?  Why would this hedge fund manager and former Goldman Sachs’ Vice President of Wealth Management accept a government job?  What was so attractive about working for a President, on the path toward impeachment,  that mooch was enticed to forfeit his job as founder of Skybridge capital and host of Television Show “Wall Street Week” .    I wonder if SNL will recruit someone to  play mooch?

Image result for anthony scaramucci


4 thoughts on “Spicer’s Out; Mooch is In!

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  1. Melissa has to do Sarah Left Brow. It’s a no brainer. Watch Ms. Huck. When she tells a lie the left eyebrow does a Rock type rise. Ms. Huck is one of those entitled ladies who thinks she owns the room and bulls her way around. She’s another intelligent, quick thinker who sold her soul and has to spend her time telling lies.

    I do not understand the huge lack of self respect it takes to get up in front of the whole country and make a fool of yourself, basically saying the sun is green, day is night, and Trump tells the truth.


  2. Oh the mooch and leech is a smooth operator and info salesman. A friend and liar of trump. He says he loves trump. I watched him today on face the nation. Oh what a con job. Guess who else is a friend of don? OJ simpson. Yep.


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