Stephen Colbert Laughs at Kellyanne Conway’s “Fun With Words”

10 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert Laughs at Kellyanne Conway’s “Fun With Words”

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  1. She obviously has had years of practice at being dishonest. The BS flows effortlessly out of her. Like most things Trump, a conscience is lacking.



        Washington examiner is calling Palin a politician. as we know she is not a politician. Washington examiner guilty of propagating the poisonous gluey depression that is Palin. even with McCain brain cancer she does not deserve to be called a politician. Malia can you contact them to issue a correction? this is Unforgivable. Sarah Palin does not become a politician simply because John McCain has brain cancer.


  2. It is fairly easy to build them.
    Here’s the math version:
    Unkept promises + Angry Tweets + Fake Answers + Alternate Truths = Fake News Accusations


  3. The Ted Cruz amendment only works if you can select which disease you’ll finally suffer from. If you can’t do that, then you’ll need to be covered for everything that might happen, because being covered for anything less is just a scam. You’ll get lower rates by not being covered for expensive, hard to cure diseases. What good is that? Obviously the GOP doesn’t understand what insurance is or how it works, or else they’re just lying, take your pick.


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