“Well, There You Go”: Sarah Palin Promoting Fake News Again

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At least 68 times, Donald Trump has tweeted about “Fake News.”

Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump.  Thus, it seems only fitting that she should do her share to make sure that there is really “Fake News” being reported.  To help her with this arduous task, Sarah relies on Mary Kate Knorr, one of two regular writers for Sarahpalin.com.  We have seen proof that Ms. Knorr reports as true, stories that have no merit.  For example, Ms. Knorr misrepresented something as important to national politics as what stores were discontinuing carrying the clothing line of Ivanka Trump.  Sarah Palinhas several websites that “regularly feature misinformation labeled as news.”

Today Grandma Palin tweets an insightful comment “Well, there you go” to introduce a story by Ms. Knorr.

The point of the story by Ms. Knorr is that of all the people who tried to hack into the South Carolina system in the 2016 election, none were Russian.  A little checking would indicate that Trump won the South Carolina vote by a 14.2% margin.   South Carolina was the state where Newt Gingrich won in the 2012 election.

South Carolina is so red that in 13 of the last 14 elections, South Carolina voted Republican.  Even in 1968, South Carolina voted for George Wallace.  Thus if there was a state that probably didn’t need to be hacked to elect a Republican, it was probably South Carolina.

In the article cited by Palin, she reports that “Federal officials did say last month that Russian hackers targets 21 states, but did not specify which states those were.”  “Well, there you go”.  Even if South Carolina wasn’t one of the 21 states, Sarah Palin reports that 21 states had hacked elections.  It would be like saying there were 50 prostitutes in Alaska, and one of them wasn’t working for Todd.  It doesn’t mean that 21 weren’t working for Todd.  Maybe Ms. Knorr will write a story about Todd and the prostitutes in Alaska that didn’t work for him, and Sarah will link to the story with a caption: “Well there you go.”  Maybe Ms.Knorr could get a personal interview with a member of the APD as a result of Palin’s attorney asking for it.

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8 thoughts on ““Well, There You Go”: Sarah Palin Promoting Fake News Again

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  1. This story has a bigger picture. The GOP has been removing hard copy ballot count audit trails. For over a decade the GOP has been pushing computer based elections and vote counts. They hacked 2000 and 2004 with random vote generating software. The 2004 recount in Ohio was totally invalid, did not follow the law for random vote recounting. Now the GOP is using Russia to hack the machines, so they can avoid direct involvement. Without hard copy ballots and hand count audits, the worm in the computer software determines the winner.

    (disclaimer: I was an independent precinct and systems observer in Ohio for the election and the recount. I filed numerous complaints on violations. Kerry caved in before any could be processed.)


  2. Who’s that Yellow Blonde in that picture? She looks like she needs some WD-40 for her neck. Are fundamentalist conservative women that in the dark and uptight?

    (answer already built into the non question)


  3. Malia – By posting articles written by someone else, the Wasilla loon is implying she has the same opinion as the person who penned the article. When did Sarah ever agree with someone else’s opinion on anything?


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