The Donald Trump Smack Down by LeBron and Reebok

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Some people think LeBron James is the very best NBA player of all time.  Whether he’s the best ever, he is certainly one of the best still playing the game.

What many may not know is that LeBron has a long and colorful history of putting Trump in his place.  LeBron spoke out against Trump both before and after the election.

In fact almost the entire NBA has spoken out against Donald Trump.  Some of the most respected coaches and the most decorated players—from Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr to LeBron James and Steph Curry—have spoken out against Donald Trump.

There is one large exception.  Shaq endorsed Trump.

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Trump was proud of the endorsement by Shaq, and posed with a shoe given to him by Shaq.

The shoe however was a Reebok.  Reebok is now mocking Trump’s recent remarks about French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife that were made during Trump’s visit to France last week.

Reebok posted this graphic to their Twitter account on Friday.

In a chart, labeled “when is it appropriate to say, ‘You’re in such good shape…beautiful’” several scenarios are listed, including:

“Are you a world leader greeting the spouse of a head of state?”

“Are you in an elevator with a woman.”

In response, Reebok advises: “No.

 This isn’t the first time Reebok has taken a stand against Trump.  It was after his election in November when Reebok and New Balance squared off over the election of Trump.   Matt LeBretton, the Vice President of Public Affairs of New Balance, was quoted by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal as giving a statement that appeared to be a blanketed endorsement of a Donald Trump presidency.   Shortly thereafter footwear fanatics and soon New Balance owners began inundating the brand with photos and videos of shoes that were defiled in protest of the pro-Trump statement. From lighting them on fire to tossing them in the trash, folks found seemingly endless ways to destroy their once-prized sneakers. One person even dunked his NewBalance shoes in the toilet, tweeting “let’s just pretend like they flushed.”As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Reebok caught wind of the fact that so many people were trashing their New Balance sneakers, and they saw it as a business opportunity.

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The @ReebokClassics twitter account began responding to a number of users who posted pictures of their trashed New Balance with offers to help them out with a new pair of shoes. “I’ve got a feeling you might need a new pair of kicks,” the brand wrote to one user.   

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Reebok offered a free pair of Reeboks to replace the New Balance sneakers people destroyed.

2 thoughts on “The Donald Trump Smack Down by LeBron and Reebok

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  1. Great examples of Reebok’s creativity in dealing with politics.

    As a northern Ohio resident, I’ve been amazed at LeBron’s maturity throughout his career. He has a sense of where he came from and gives back to his community.

    The side by side in the last photo is one of those that needs no words. It made me cringe. That any politician would mock this man’s physical challenges is just barbaric, repulsive. How can anyone ignore and support that behavior???!!!!


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