“Very Interesting”: Sarah Palin Tries to Remain Relevant by Relying on the Irrelevant


As media is consumed with the admission by Donald Trump Jr. that he conspired with a Russian attorney to get dirt on Hillary, Sarah Palin fails to comment.  Why wouldn’t she, and every American, condemn any American conspiring with Russians trying to influence American elections?

Image result for natalia veselnitskaya

Instead, Sarah Palin posts a twitter comment.  The entire comprehensive, insightful analysis of a photo is  “very interesting.”                                                                                                                                                   This is the photo to which she makes reference.

Image result for natalia veselnitskaya

The headline to the article featuring this photo was:

“Russian Lawyer Was Photographed Behind Obama Admin Ambassador Days After Donald Jr. Meeting”

The above photo was taken of the Russian attorney, Natalia Veselnitskaya, as she sat listening to a hearing of the Foreign Affairs Committee in 2016.  Natalia appears in the audience as the former ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, testifies during a Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Russia five days after she met with the president’s son.

The implication of Palin’s post was that somehow the Obama appointed Russian ambassador, was colluding with Natalia because she was in attendance at a public hearing.  However Michael McFaul has already posted a Tweet explaining that he didn’t know Veselnitskaya, he never met her, and had no control over who attended the public hearing.  The very nature of a public hearing is that it is open to the public.  People participating in such a hearing have no control over who attends such a hearing.  In fact the idea of a public hearing is that people of all political ideologies are invited to attend.

I didnt meet with her (as I know you know!) She sat down behind me at a Congressional hearing. I dont control the seating chart Ryan. https://twitter.com/HouSportsFan/status/884978882419490817 

People other than Sarah Palin would probably find it more interesting to see a picture today of Nadia  Comaneci, to know that she is married to Bart Connor, or that she has lived in America since 1989.

Image result for nadia comaneci

Image result for nadia comaneci

It might be even more interesting to note that Mikhail Baryshnikov condemned Donald Trump and in his first ever political endorsement made this video supporting Hillary.


Image result for mikhail baryshnikov

In the video, Baryshnikov compared Donald Trump to the authoritarian, communist regime that ruled the former Soviet Union at the time of his defection to the West in the late 1970s.

“Forty two years ago I left a country that built walls to come to a place without them,” Baryshnikov said. “But today, as a citizen of the United States, for the first time, I’m hearing rhetoric that reminds me of the Soviet Union of my youth, where it was a crime, and continues to be, a crime to be different.”

He went on to say Trump is like the “dangerous, totalitarian opportunists” refugees traditionally have fled to the United States to get away from.

“”I have never publicly endorsed a political candidate before, or inserted myself into politics in any way other than by voting, but this video is a direct call to action: We must elect Hillary Clinton as president in November,” he wrote in a press release announcing the video.

The extent of Sarah Palin’s knowledge about Russia, or the dangers it represents, seems to be encapsulated in her interview where she explains that she is close enough to waive at Russia!




11 thoughts on ““Very Interesting”: Sarah Palin Tries to Remain Relevant by Relying on the Irrelevant

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  1. Malia –

    Please check out the most recent article on PoliticusUSA – it starts “Treasonous Republicans…” Shocking.


  2. Was in a hurry earlier and had an appointment – but just wanted to leave a note about our dear friend, Sarah.
    I, too, noticed her silence on Trump, Jr. Not surprising – how could she deny what happened? But – we were not totally disappointed – somehow she managed to – remotely at best – drag Obama into this mess. Thanks Obama!! Sarah is so predictable – it is either Obama or Clinton without fail.


    1. Pat,
      It’s getting to be funny,,…and pathetic that Palin still tries to blame Obama for everything.

      PS by the way…where is Trig now that Bristol is in Texas? Has anyone at IM seen him?


  3. Dirtbag Donnie Drumpfs just today recalled he had heard about that June meeting last year between his lying brat and that Russian lawyer. I guess that makes Drumpf’s recollections fake news?


  4. Malia – The Wasilla loon is waiting until a conservative writer comes up with a story Sarah can attach to her stupid website and then exclaim “Amazing” as the intro so that people will click on it so she can pocket a few cents! What a loser.


  5. OK, she just pulled a Junior. This attorney has no ties to the Russian government decided to attend a United States hearing on Russia. Idiot Palin added proof that this woman works for Putin. She’s a spy who seems to have easy access to a lot of our political players and settings. I’m guessing that is how the FBI figured out Russia was involved in hacking the election. They were watching and listening as she “visited” people and hearings.


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