Don Trump Jr. Gets Fitted For His Orange Jumpsuit

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14 thoughts on “Don Trump Jr. Gets Fitted For His Orange Jumpsuit

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  1. This is the collusion.
    This is that.
    That is what this is.

    (Paul Ryan exits stage left, unwilling to hear or see)


  2. The past few days have been pretty amazing – hard to know where to start – but just some random thoughts.

    – Why in the world doesn’t someone shut up Don Jr.? He is not solving a problem – he is making it worse!!
    – The Trump family is so used to doing whatever they want, when they want and to whomever they want. They
    bluster their way through and somehow come out on top. Maybe not this time.
    – I realize they are all rather naive about politics – and that is one excuse that is being floated – just more of their hubris
    on display, though.
    – This is an incredibly corrupt family – the Repubs/Cons own it all – but we are all paying the price.


      1. When you have time check out a recent article on PoliticoUSA concerning a woman named Rhona Graff. She is called “the gatekeeper” at Trump Tower and people who know her and want to get messages to Trump use her as a back channel. She is mentioned in one of Don Jr’s e-mails. Short article – but since she is mentioned I would expect us to hear about her in the future.


      1. I keep forgetting how old I am. I still know the words to the Bril Cream jingle. His hair looks like small flying insects would stick to it.


  3. I’m with you, Zoe and Malia! “BrylCream, a little dab’ll do ya’! BrylCream–you’ll look so dabinair. BrylCream, the gals will all pursue ya’! Just put a little in your hair!” I think little Donnie uses the WHOLE TUBE of BrylCream–or maybe it’s bacon grease or lard? How can his wife stand to touch that greasy mess? (Maybe she doesn’t….P


  4. unfortunately this is false in order to be “fitted” or the jump suit he has to be convicted and that hasn’t happen yet what ever happen to being innocent till proven guilty. not pass judgment until the courts have found him guilty. even if he is a republican


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